A hydrangea wreath


This is something I have had in mind to make for years, every time I see the giant blooms on my Mums Hydrangea plants I remember that one year I am going to make a wreath with them.

Well this was the year. My dear Dad loved these plants. He always wanted a lacecap variety and happily took cutting to add to his collection. I have at least one plant he gave me from a cutting and I need to feed it up so I can have many more of these pretty wreaths.

My Mum kindly cut these blooms for me last week from a plant in her front garden. She left them dry for a couple of days before I brought them home. If I were to do this again I would pick them earlier in the season and try to get more of the blue to show through.

These flowers are from a Hydrangea Macrophylla.


I used fine green 28 gauge wire because it’s what I had on hand and a wreath ring.


I asked my Mum to leave quite a bit of stem on as I wasn’t sure how I’d wire them in. Actually they were still quite pliable but delicate so I gently fed the stem through the gap and wired it onto the ring.


And just kept going trying to balance it as I went as a couple of the blooms were much bigger than the rest.


I lost some of the petals but on the whole the flower heads were tougher than I thought they would be. Finally I added a length of the wire and hung it up.


Not sure if it will last or not. I think the flowers will fade over time but for right now I love it. Even Gav approves so it’s win win!