December Daily™ – Front Cover 2013


And so for the last instalment before December I’m back to share my cover for this years album. I mentioned last week that my inspiration had come from a few images over on Pinterest. I liked the embossed numbers here, the glitter on print here and the combination of text and colour and composition here.

With those things in mind I cut a piece of the packaging from a Becky Higgins page protector packet to the right size and made a duplicate for the back cover. Going for a slightly larger size this year about 7 x 5 inches.


Then using gel medium I adhered torn scraps of old dictionary pages to the edges.


As I only had gloss gel medium I toned down the shinyness with some white acrylic paint.

To achieve a similar effect of the embossed numbers I adhered a variety of number stickers to a smaller sized piece of card and painted over the numbers in white acrylic paint. Quite a few coats were needed.


I knew I wanted an element off to the side so I left that portion of the card blank as it would be covered up.

I matted the numbers card onto a sliver piece of paper to define it a little more.


I then covered most of the text with glitter which doesn’t show up so well in this photo but it is there and then tried a silver metal frame that had been forgotten about for several years. Clearly waiting for this project as I loved it placed there.


What better than to put the 25 in the frame, echoing the numbers but as the 25 is the main feature of the album have them all glittery. You can see that I added the foundation pages and book rings. They are 2 inches.


I left the little book sit for a day or two as I thought it needed something else on the front but wasn’t sure what.

After some pondering I realised that all my previous December Daily™ albums have had ribbon of some kind on the covers so I had to add that, then I added glitter to some wooden stars and stamped the date on a metal rimmed star tag, added a shiny heart and it was complete.


You know I always say this but it might be my favourite so far.


Until December. x


December Daily™ is a memory keeping idea and album developed by Ali Edwards. December Daily is a trademark of Ali Edwards Design Inc.