Month: November 2013

Project Life® – week 37 and 38


So here we are with more weeks and I kept them simple.

pl week 37

I like things running off edges too. As there wasn’t room for the whole of this September card I just fit the relevent days on and trimmed off the rest.


And week 38.



Project Life® is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. I am using the Honey Core Kit and the Seasons Mini kit in my pages.

Go here to find out more.

Photo a Day – week forty seven


Uh oh. It’s almost all food again. No wonder my jeans are tight………








A few details – christmas shopping treats at Bettys, frosty garden, lunch, gingerbread muffin, finishing off coffees with a dusting of cocoa, Google’s Dr Who doodle and a pre Hunger Games snack. 

Christmas projects 2013 – book page trees


Here is my attempt at these beauties. I went in search of little terracotta pots but didn’t find any so I picked tiny metal buckets instead.

What you need:

  • book pages torn into various sizes
  • sturdy wire
  • little pot or bucket
  • florist foam
  • tissue paper
  • washi tape
  • 2 wooden stars

I used the florist foam inside the bucket to hold the metal stick. I glued it in place as once you start threading the paper the ‘trunk’ of the tree moves about so I glued it into the foam to stop that happening.

I also covered the bottom of the wire trunk in a print washi tape as the green of the wire was too obvious.  Then I started threading the different sizes of paper starting with the largest squares and getting smaller as I went. Something else to bear in mind when threading is to try to keep the paper as tight on the wire as possible because of the hole gets too big all the paper flops to the bottom od the wire.

I cheated as this happened to me. I wrapped little strips of the washi around the trunk to hold up the layers a little bit. On the originals I think the used wooden skewers for the trunk and I guess that might work better as the wood isn’t a slick surface for the paper to slide down.

Anyway I got there in the end and added two wooden stars to the top of mine.


I finished off by adding some scrunched tissue paper to cover the florists foam. I’ll definitely try another of these they are so cute and festive.

Another couple of loaves


Been a while since I shared a loaf here. Mostly because we bake the same old one in the bread machine week after week. But sometimes I get the urge to try a different recipe for the bread machines cook book.

We have this amazing bread maker. It hasn’t failed us yet.

Above is a milk loaf. Everything in the recipe is the same except the water is replaced with milk. I did half milk half water and it turned out great. It is stockier that the other loaves but still delicious.

And a couple of weeks ago I made a seeded loaf too.


Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds. I’d like to try this one again but with half wholemeal flour something about all those seeds makes me want to make it healthier.

Anyway two more crossed off in the book. Who knows maybe Gav will make some of the recipes from the book like he promised he would 18 moths ago……….

Eight Films in November


Gav has embarked on a little film watching project -30 films in November – and so that he doesn’t have to watch all of them at 11pm at night when I’ve gone to bed, I agreed to watch eight with him. So Sundays and Thursdays are our film nights throughout the month.

If you have read here for any time at all you know I’m a picky devil when it comes to films and books. Has it got a happy ending? No trauma to children or animals? Is it an all-star cast? You know things like that, but actually he’s done a great job at selecting stuff he thinks I’ll either suffer through or quite like.

So far I’ve watched a 1950’s all-star melodrama in Written on the Wind, a documentary with Keanu Reeves talking to film industry bods about the pro’s and con’s of film vs digital (amazingly interesting – no really!), a documentary to commemorate 50 years of James Bond and Roman Holiday. A mix indeed but so far so good.

Up next is a Fistful of Dollars. I’m getting out the poncho as I type……

The letter M


A couple of years ago I stumbled on a vintage shop in one of the student-y areas of Leeds. It’s a real treasure trove of stuff but not cheap.

After seeing so many initials used in interior design I wanted one too and I found this beauty. It has sat neglected ever since in a corner of the spare room. I think was worried it was too bold. But I decided it was time for the M to see the light of day.

It is a bit worse for wear but that shows it has lived! Wonder what word it spelled out?


After moving some things about I settled on it sitting in the hall. But of course now we need a ‘G’ as he feels left out………..

Photo a Day – week forty six


Natural beauty, Gav’s comic side, delicious food and a new arrangement on that mantle.








A few details – raindrops on a Cotinus, a fav photo on the calendar with some of Gav’s comedy speech bubble additions! An advantage of starting work early, Pyracantha berries, my view while stopped in traffic, delish rice tart made by H and R (yum!) and still life on the white mantle. 

Read – November


So further to my post on the second of the Divergent series the day finally arrived for the release of the last book in the trilogy.

I was lucky that I came late to the Divergent party so I could read them all in a few months. Not lucky though about the ending of the series.

It wasn’t a happy ending. We all know I don’t ‘do’ sad endings. So I was left bereft when I but the book down. And just a little bit cross with the author for writing it the way she did. I know, I know, it’s her story she can do as she pleases but still grr……

Anyway up until the end I liked it and am glad I read the series and I’m looking forward to the film and you know what? I always have book one which I can pick up over and over again and get a little ‘Four’ fix.

; )


Project Life® – the rest of week 35 and week 36


I’ve just had a look back at the weeks for florida and I was surprised with how much I like the simple look. Just 4 x 6 photos and journal cards. Hmm…. might have to try this more in the weeks to come. There really is no wonder Becky has been so succesful with this way of memory keeping.

For now though I’ll have to use the photos I have printed which are all shapes. I seem to have made an error last time I put my order in as most of the 4 x 6 photos have needed trimming at each edge so I have had to use a card to back them. ANyway here we are with the rest of our holiday week after we returned home.


And then week 36.


The double page spread is still around. I’m okay mixing it up and using single or double pages depending on how much I have to say and how many photos I have.

Back next week with more of the same!


Project Life® is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. Go here to find out more.

A hydrangea wreath


This is something I have had in mind to make for years, every time I see the giant blooms on my Mums Hydrangea plants I remember that one year I am going to make a wreath with them.

Well this was the year. My dear Dad loved these plants. He always wanted a lacecap variety and happily took cutting to add to his collection. I have at least one plant he gave me from a cutting and I need to feed it up so I can have many more of these pretty wreaths.

My Mum kindly cut these blooms for me last week from a plant in her front garden. She left them dry for a couple of days before I brought them home. If I were to do this again I would pick them earlier in the season and try to get more of the blue to show through.

These flowers are from a Hydrangea Macrophylla.


I used fine green 28 gauge wire because it’s what I had on hand and a wreath ring.


I asked my Mum to leave quite a bit of stem on as I wasn’t sure how I’d wire them in. Actually they were still quite pliable but delicate so I gently fed the stem through the gap and wired it onto the ring.


And just kept going trying to balance it as I went as a couple of the blooms were much bigger than the rest.


I lost some of the petals but on the whole the flower heads were tougher than I thought they would be. Finally I added a length of the wire and hung it up.


Not sure if it will last or not. I think the flowers will fade over time but for right now I love it. Even Gav approves so it’s win win!