Click tick list – Photograph 100 Gardens – Two Miami Gardens


Here we are with an update to the list.

When we decided to tag along with my sister on their trip to Florida one of the first things Gav and I did was peruse the ‘1001 Gardens to visit before you die’ book to check out how many I could cross off. We were thrilled to find six potential places to visit.

First up were the two gardens near Miami. Here is the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.


It was such a hot day, weren’t they all? Yes. But wandering around a garden in the heat, even wearing my ridiculous hat, was a struggle for me and poor old Gav was fed up of me whingeing about half an hour into our visit.


I think the quality and quantity of the photos suffered because it was so hot. Did I mention that?

Anyway we did wander and see some beautiful tropical plants and amazing views.





The also have a butterfly house and we had a quick look inside.


It was also Bee day at the garden and we brought back a delicious jar of avocado honey.

Then we hot  footed it (pun intended!) up the coast to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

On the drive through the outer suburbs of Miami we passed through some amazingly beautiful streets and neighbourhoods with tree-lined roads right up to gates, no pavements and the houses beyond, if you could see them at the end of the driveways, were huge and impressive.

Vizcaya is a complete contrast to the Fairchild gardens.

Built in 1910 it is mock Italianate with european style gardens.


Set on the edge of Biscayne Bay it is serene yet dramatic in its setting. We did go into the house something Gav and I are not often interested in but it had to be done and was very interesting. Then out into the garden to seek out shade and grab some photos.






Both these gardens were lovely but I did prefer Vizcaya. I think Botanical gardens are necessary and interesting but they are not my favourite. And the hard landscaping at Vizcaya elevated it to a whole other level it was really so well done.

I’ll have to count up but these tow must bring my total to about forty photographed from the book so far.