Read – September


So I tried to wait to read this second book of the Divergent series so that I could pick up the third one straight after finishing the second, it’s due out in October, but I couldn’t wait. Story of my life.

I saw it when we were away and bought it just like that. And it was good. Not as good as the first which I had trouble putting down, but still a good and interesting story.I love that   an American cover. Our UK covers are a bit dull!

If you like a bit of teen fiction with the omnipresent dystopia and a big dollop of potential romance this series of books is for you.

Also discovered they are making it into a movie and I’m sure I am way late to the discussion but the actor playing Four is NOT who I had in my head. Way too good-looking for a start…….. I know I’m weird complaining about a handsome man.

Anyway the countdown begins for the third installment. 35 days to go.