The click tick list – see the Florida Keys


Well since we were going so close…… We may as well drive along the Florida Keys and cross something else of my list.

So we added this trip down the overseas highway to our adventures. We stayed in Key West but stopped along the drive there and dipped a toe in the tropical Atlantic.


This was at Long Key State Park. We walked along the boardwalk too and met a few friends scuttling among the trees.


We also took time to visit the old town of Key West.



And wandered past Hemingway’s house. I love an American road sign and this was cool. First it was Number 1 and the well, you can’t really go any further south so North is all you’ve got! It may me smile anyway.


And finally as we headed back up towards Miami we looked for Key Deer. Perfectly formed deer but smaller, ergo cuter. But they proved tricky to spot….


Oh funny, that’s us.

Anyway we found one. And see they are cuter right?


Not sure what I expected of this trip along Highway 1. It just seemed like an interesting thing to put on my list. It is definitely a water lovers playground, actually a playground is a very good description of these keys.

But whatever I did expect it more than delivered with snippets of history, culture, wildlife, amazing views of dense mangroves and endless seascapes. Long narrow stretches of golden sand hugging the edge of the land and bridge after bridge, boat after boat.

So glad we went to experience it all.