Click tick list – eat at 5 new to me vegetarian restaurants


Woot. I can cross another one off the list. Last year I wrote about eating in three vegetarian/vegan restaurants while we were in California.

This year while we were away we added two more to the list. The Cafe in Key West (couldn’t find a web site) and Meze 119 in St Petersburg, FL. And that makes five which was the stipulation on the list. (Just as a side note – yes is does strike me as odd that we only visit vegetarian restaurants in other countries….)

The food in both was delicious and made Gav and I wonder why we are so boring with cooking at home. He even admitted that a little spice is a good thing. Don’t worry I wrote it down!

He had the most sublime artichoke dip and I had the quesadilla in The Cafe.


And in Meze 119 he had Gazpacho to start and a Mushroom and feta salad and I had the  ‘meatloaf’ with mashed garlic potatoes and kale. It was the mashed potatoes that drove my decision.


So happy that we hunt these places out beforehand and also that another thing can be crossed off that list. Hoorah.