Click tick list – see a sunrise


Clicked and ticked off.

This is the view of Miami Beach at 6.55 am on Sunday 18 August.

On our first morning in Miami I wandered to the beach, which was only a block from our hotel, in search of breakfast. It was about 7.30 and as I made my way past all the historic Art Deco fronted buildings I noticed how the sun was right out there, over the sea, rising merrily for another scorching day. And I thought ah ha! If I get here tomorrow at sunrise I’ll see our glorious star appear over the horizon.

So that’s what I did. I was momentarily peeved that it was cloudy out there at sea but thems the breaks I still saw the sunrise, that point when the yellow spot appeared through the cloud and it was worth getting up and going to see.


I also snapped the longest shadow of me yet.