Month: September 2013

The harvest continues


It’s great to be able to keep going out into the garden and bring back food and flowers. It fills me with joy. Simple pleasures.

Project Life – week twenty seven and week twenty eight


Off we go with more layouts for this great project. I had some missing pictures so we’re skipping ahead to week twenty-seven.


There is another three photo, 6 x 12 pocket page in this spread. And you will notice the arrival of the Project Life core kit I bought in the US. Loved that big arrow card great for connecting one part of the story on one card to another.

I did lots of writing on photos in Photoshop this week and also added tw extra cards over the top of a pocket. You can see one on the first photo and here’s a close up of the other.


Just attached the photo with washi tape to the picture in the pocket. I also added the stamped words you can see behind my hand right onto of the page protector.

Week twenty-eight. You’ll see that I have made a full spread for this week there were too many good pictures to choose from to keep it down to one page!


Absolutely LOVE the Amy Tangerine letter stickers. As they are transparent I could add them on top of a printed card and still see the underneath details.


That camera card is the whole reason I went for the Honey core kit. I thought it might be too bright for me but I couldn’t resist those little cameras…….


Project Life is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. Go here to find out more.

Photo a Day – week thirty eight


The weeks are just flying by.








A few details – almost ripe apples, out for tea with H, walking Bud with the other H, the view from my desk at work, don’t think he wanted that blanket, he found a sunny spot and coffee and a muffin outside. 

Read – September number two


True to my word I had a little break in between the first book of this series and the second. I’ve just gone back and read the little review I put up of the first one too and it was like I knew what was coming in this second book. Dragging out of the story! Yep, I said it.

I actually struggled to get through this one because for at least a third of the book it felt like filler, like we were being led down this path not because that’s where the story took us but because the author needed to write so many pages. I feel harsh even saying this but that is how I felt.

She did redeem herself slightly and I will inevitable go on and find out the conclusion to this story but I was overall disappointed.

Bloom 2.0 – a last Hoorah!


Just collected what I could for this arrangement. Still love it though.


We are definitely coming to the end of the annuals as the weather turns colder and they slow down production of flowers up here in chilly Leeds. I’ll keep picking though till the first frosts……. What a depressing thought.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter


Harry Potter World was high up on my list of things to see in Orlando. This is one of the busiest parts of Universal and we headed straight there when the gates opened. Everyone else headed there too and it was a pilgrimage towards that part of the park.

It was impressive.


You started off in a snowy Hogsmead (which since it was about 80 degrees was a bit odd) then onto Hogwarts passing the scary Dragons Challenge rollercoaster and the more gentle Flight of the Hippogriff.




The castle looked incredibly true to the films interpretation and inside castle was the 3D ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I wasn’t going to go on it but after they all went on once they convinced me I shouldn’t miss out. I hung onto my nieces hand all the way round…. I am a ride lightweight. But so glad I did it. It was magical.


I also went on the Flight of the Hippogriff and that was great too. Just enough of a climb up to convince me it really was a roller coaster. Hogsmead got very busy very fast so wandering in the shops was a challenge but just standing outside all these fictitious turned real places was brilliant. Wands were purchased for my niece and photos snapped and it was a great mornings fun.

Bloom 2.0 – Calendula and Aster


I supplemented the annual Calendula with a few of my favourite perennial purple daisy’s (Aster) and some orange Crocosmia that come back year after year no matter how hard I try to eradicate them. Best to go with it and harvest a few then.

Orange and purple make me smile and always remind me of Scarlett from Four Weddings and a Funeral.


That blue glass vase has had some use this year.


Photo a Day – week thirty seven


Here we go with more shots of life.








A few details – morning sky, drying onions, the morning scene, wonder where that pooch is? Mushrooms growing round the corner, ah.. romance isn’t dead, lattes and almond Magnum’s outside in the last of the warm weather.

Read – September


So I tried to wait to read this second book of the Divergent series so that I could pick up the third one straight after finishing the second, it’s due out in October, but I couldn’t wait. Story of my life.

I saw it when we were away and bought it just like that. And it was good. Not as good as the first which I had trouble putting down, but still a good and interesting story.I love that   an American cover. Our UK covers are a bit dull!

If you like a bit of teen fiction with the omnipresent dystopia and a big dollop of potential romance this series of books is for you.

Also discovered they are making it into a movie and I’m sure I am way late to the discussion but the actor playing Four is NOT who I had in my head. Way too good-looking for a start…….. I know I’m weird complaining about a handsome man.

Anyway the countdown begins for the third installment. 35 days to go.

Bloom 2.0 – Cosmos


Just enough Cosmos around today to make these arrangements. With a supporting role from a late flowering sweet-william.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the purple vases I bought some years ago at Sarah Raven’s Cutting Garden. Perfect for a few stems.