The love story continues


Anyone who reads here knows I am in love with our garden. It is not finished and is not perfect but that’s okay. Striving to make it just that bit more colourful or grow just some more flowers is part of what keeps us going and learning.

I believe that gardening feeds my soul and if I couldn’t potter about among plants and soil I’d be a bit more crazy that I already am!


Recently it dawned on me that I have a summer morning routine. After walking Bud and feeding him I make a coffee and then we go out to feed the birds. I don’t put the seed down on the ground right away because the little poochy eats it…… Instead I wander into the greenhouse to see how big the tomatoes and cucumbers are getting and check out my biennial seedlings. Then I pick up the scissors and go down the path to the kitchen garden and pick a few sweet peas. I stand and stare at things while Buds checks the perimeter for cats or pigeons pushing himself into the undergrowth so he can be as close to the fence a possible. And all the while I am be lost in my early morning day-dream and it can be twenty minutes before the call of my now going cold coffee pulls me from my reverie and back to the house.


I feel lucky that I can dig in the soil and enjoy this passion for gardening.


Perhaps one day I’ll have had enough of sowing seed and pricking out seedlings but not yet.

Right now, I marvel still.