Month: August 2013

Photo a Day – week thirty four


I’m catching up on last weeks photos.








A few details – lunch with Sprite and Iced coffee, a day at typhoon lagoon, amazing view from the Edison and Ford Winter Estate, the Ca d’Zan Mansion, iconic gates at Universal Studios, H having fun in the pool and Gav standing next to a ‘real life been to space and back again’ shuttle at the Kennedy Space Centre.

Read -August


Yes, more teen fiction. More dystopia, more a trilogy of books.

But yet again I really enjoyed this one and yet again I could have moved straight on to the second installment as it just came out in hardback.

But I shall wait, for a little while at least.

Photo a Day – week thirty three


Home and away.








 A few details – a crazy mix of flowers at home, on the way to Heathrow, at Long Key recreation area overlooking the Pacific, Vizcaya Gardens in Miami, enjoying genuine Key Lime Pie, sunrise over Miami beach.

Project Life – week twenty one


And another.


That heart-shaped transparency over the faces in the top left photo was hand cut from the packet the photos come in from Photobox. It’s good to re-use things and that was a perfect fit for the picture.

Loved getting that group shot although it is like herding cats getting them together and smiling as one. And that 15 was perfect because that’s how many there are of us!



Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Click the link to visit her site and read more about Project Life.

Photo a Day – week thirty two


Lets do some more.








A few details – driving back from a shopping trip, verbena, Fat Rascals, amazing Sunflowers, homegrown cucumbers, Gav downloading a playlist and breakfast.

Read – August


I had heard about this book some time ago but resisted. Then I found both this and the second book of the series in a local charity shop so thought why not.

Overall I liked it. It was a sort of typical teenage fiction novel with a dystopian backdrop. I liked the characters and her writing.

What I didn’t like was the inevitable dragging on of the story. Obviously as I had already bought book two I knew there would not be a conclusion at the end of this book but I just wish it wasn’t the norm to write a series. Just the phase we are in I guess. At lease I can pick the next one up straight away – although I think a little break would be a good idea.

Project Life – week twenty


Here we go with another week.

The stickers on the photos are from Dear Lizzy and Snap – Simple Stories sticker books.


I also made a little pocket to hold the cinema tickets. A good way to add another patterned paper  for more interest. Really like it and will make more.


There is just one more finished week to share before I get more photos printed.


Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Click the link to visit her site and read more about Project Life.

Bloom 2.0 – Antirrhinum and Calendula


Another truly accidental arrangement. There were more beautiful snapdragon’s waiting to be picked but no other flowers to contrast with them except plenty of Calendula so I cut them and thought I’d just see.


And I loved it. The foliage is Euphorbia Oblongata and I added a few white cosmos to compliment the white Antirrhinums. I like the challenge this growing flowers thing brings. Making me arrange flowers together that I wouldn’t have thought of originally.

All good stuff.

Photo a Day – week thirty one


Some homegrown food and me….








A few details – me on a swing, courgette anyone? Local church clock, walking the dog, waiting for the sunflower to open, blueberries and yogurt and drying onions.

The love story continues


Anyone who reads here knows I am in love with our garden. It is not finished and is not perfect but that’s okay. Striving to make it just that bit more colourful or grow just some more flowers is part of what keeps us going and learning.

I believe that gardening feeds my soul and if I couldn’t potter about among plants and soil I’d be a bit more crazy that I already am!


Recently it dawned on me that I have a summer morning routine. After walking Bud and feeding him I make a coffee and then we go out to feed the birds. I don’t put the seed down on the ground right away because the little poochy eats it…… Instead I wander into the greenhouse to see how big the tomatoes and cucumbers are getting and check out my biennial seedlings. Then I pick up the scissors and go down the path to the kitchen garden and pick a few sweet peas. I stand and stare at things while Buds checks the perimeter for cats or pigeons pushing himself into the undergrowth so he can be as close to the fence a possible. And all the while I am be lost in my early morning day-dream and it can be twenty minutes before the call of my now going cold coffee pulls me from my reverie and back to the house.


I feel lucky that I can dig in the soil and enjoy this passion for gardening.


Perhaps one day I’ll have had enough of sowing seed and pricking out seedlings but not yet.

Right now, I marvel still.