Month: July 2013

Bloom – Sweet William and Alchemilla


Oh you have no idea how happy I was to cut these Sweet Williams. They were sown last July and a year later here they are blooming at last. I have grown these plants before, they were not as successful as they have been this year and Sarah Raven says if you cut them down after flowering you’ll get another years worth of blooms. Hoorah for that.

I mixed them in with Alchemilla and Lunaria seed pods and of course my trusty blue glass vase.


I’ve already sown some this year so I should have a bumper crop next summer.

So pretty and they last well in the vase, win win.


Photo a Day – week twenty six


And in the blink of an eye the halfway point of this year in photos.


A few details – mirror shot in the bathroom, homemade pizza, walking the pooch in my fav jeans, proving pitta breads, some new technology, anyone for strawberries and the pot full of Gav’s home sown Lobelia on the garden table.

Read – June


I read the first book in this series when we were in California last year. Although I wouldn’t rave about the first one I do remember enjoying it. Good young adult fiction but I was disappointed in the second book to begin with. I read it in a couple of days and it did pick up a bit in the last third. Left us with a sort of cliffhanger waiting for the next, which I admit I will buy. I hope the next one is the final novel in this series.

Just for the record I really don’t like novels going on and on for four or five books and also I don’t care for the current phase of having people on covers of books! So there.