Month: July 2013

Feline Frenzy


The little darling dog was rummaging around in the bushes last week clearly excited about finding something in there when he emerged with a cat collar. Let me put this into perspective. Our dear old Bud is the kind of dog that hmmm… what’s the right word? Yes, hates cats. Hate is a strong word but I feel it justified here.

At first I was worried that I was going to find a poor old moggy under the bushes too but when I eventually wrestled the collar from Bud I could see the elastic had broken thus freeing poor old trapped cat. Must have got his collar snagged on something.

I was torn between being horrified that he found the collar so appealing and desperate to snap some photos. The photographer won.


I dread to think what was going on in his head this time……..

Photo a day – week twenty eight


Keep on clicking.


A few details – our shadows at Roundhay park, my reward for riding on a hot bus, my Mums homegrown pansy in the cutest terracotta pot, homegrown onion drying in the sun, key lime pie (also homemade by my sister), still life after BBQ, view through the garden gate. 

Bloom – Sweet William, Clary and Lemon Balm


I cannot begin to say how pleased I am that we have lots of flowers this year. A huge improvement from last.

Maybe it was all that compost I dug in or the fact the beds are on the watering programme or because we have had a glorious hot spell. Whatever it is I welcome these blooms with open arms and a pair of scissors.


This little vase of wonderful colour was an accidental combination that just worked. I used the same lemon balm I picked before as it was still going strong and cut it down to fit this glass vase. Then just added the sweet william and clary. And the little green balls you can see in the top photo are the seed heads from the Knautia. I love them even more now as you get so much from the stems.

Bloom – Clary, Knautia and Lemon Balm


Everything has finally taken off here in Leeds. This hot spell has given the flowers a boost and I am making the most of all the blooms I can. Not sure if I have waxed lyrical about this plant yet so just in case I shall tell you all about it today.

Knautia macedonia. Absolutely lovely tall flower stems that keep producing little pincushions of flowers that the bees adore.

knautia-and-bees-1knautia-and-bees And they stay like that gathering the pollen for ages. So not only are these flowers lovely to look at and good producers of blooms for weeks and weeks, they also attract my beloved bees. Win, win.

I picked the Knautia and the Clary and found a big clump of what I think is Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) and cut some stems of that too. My first choice of arrangement was to split the bunch into two wonderful vases I bought from Sarah Raven a few years ago. I had three of these purple vases but broke one – grr.

Anyway, I like them sat up there on the mantle which will be painted one of these days.


But then I wondered how the flowers would look in a simple white jug so I tried that too.


I liked them both but was amazed at how the vase and the setting altered the feel of the arrangement. The two vases with the white backdrop looked airy and etherial whereas the white jug sat on the stove with the dark background looked more country and loose.


A good experiment.

I left them in the white jug and must say that the Melissa is a new favourite foliage stem as it has lasted about two weeks and still going strong.

Project Life – week sixteen


Here’s more.

A little wooden flower inked, lots of washi tape, stamped arrows and a flip-up page this week.


A trip to the cinema with my niece, concerted efforts to diet…… and photos from Gav’s walk with B. Most of the papers are from a 6 x 6 pad. This is the first one I’ve bought specifically for Project Life and I love the coordination factor. I am intending to buy a PL kit eventually for that very reason.


Really like using stamps and the letter stickers mixed together for the title of the walk card. Imperfectly perfect.

Caught on camera

I called Buddy the other day to come for a walk. I wandered into the living room to find him.  Clearly he was ready to go.


Although he may have been thinking about a nap too. And I can just imagine what he say if he could.


Bud – You didn’t just catch me yawning on camera did you?

Me – Um…. No.


Bud – Good job. I wouldn’t want to look like a fool or anything. Yawning for the world.


Me – I get how you’d think yawning would do that. But no, you’re all good. Honest.

Bud – Are we going on this walk then? I’m ready now.

Photo a Day – week twenty seven


Life is full of lots of stuff.


A few details – Gav’s guzzling lemonade, Breaking dawn mug and headset, Buddy’s nosey wose, birds on the feeder, pie, Bacopa in a broken pot and our first potatoes from the garden.

Read – July


You know I love a good romance and Katie Fforde never disappoints. This one was just as enjoyable and easy to read as her other novels – perfect for a summer’s day and there was constant mentions of cup-cakes which was an added bonus.

Bloom – Cerinthie and Sweet William


Everything was looking great the other evening amongst the flowers for cutting so I went out and cut anything I thought was at its prime. I didn’t have a plan for the arrangement I just wanted to harvest those flowers.


That bunch of flowers was so satisfying to gather. I had grown all of it, most from seed and I was so pleased with my bounty. I especially loved the addition of the Geranium seed heads as I thought they would mix well with the deep pink Sweet Williams.

I seared the stem ends of the Cerinthie and plonked them in water overnight.

It was tempting to make a couple of arrangements but I decided just to put them altogether and see what they looked like. A large glass jug was used this time.


It seemed to work okay so that is how it stayed and the great thing is that most of those flowers and foliage stems are long-lasting in water so it should look good for a week or two – as long as I remember to top up and change the water.

Project Life – week 15


Here we go with another week.

I used a couple of Ali Edwards brushes this week. The circle with ‘apr’ and the ‘go’ outline box. Loved printing on the photo and need to do it more often.


Fairly simple as usual. I am still undecided about if I like just doing one page per week. I know I don’t want to have more than one album a year so I guess the sacrifice is just to do one page most weeks. We’ll see how it goes.