Bloom – Clary, Knautia and Lemon Balm


Everything has finally taken off here in Leeds. This hot spell has given the flowers a boost and I am making the most of all the blooms I can. Not sure if I have waxed lyrical about this plant yet so just in case I shall tell you all about it today.

Knautia macedonia. Absolutely lovely tall flower stems that keep producing little pincushions of flowers that the bees adore.

knautia-and-bees-1knautia-and-bees And they stay like that gathering the pollen for ages. So not only are these flowers lovely to look at and good producers of blooms for weeks and weeks, they also attract my beloved bees. Win, win.

I picked the Knautia and the Clary and found a big clump of what I think is Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) and cut some stems of that too. My first choice of arrangement was to split the bunch into two wonderful vases I bought from Sarah Raven a few years ago. I had three of these purple vases but broke one – grr.

Anyway, I like them sat up there on the mantle which will be painted one of these days.


But then I wondered how the flowers would look in a simple white jug so I tried that too.


I liked them both but was amazed at how the vase and the setting altered the feel of the arrangement. The two vases with the white backdrop looked airy and etherial whereas the white jug sat on the stove with the dark background looked more country and loose.


A good experiment.

I left them in the white jug and must say that the Melissa is a new favourite foliage stem as it has lasted about two weeks and still going strong.