Bloom – Cerinthie and Sweet William


Everything was looking great the other evening amongst the flowers for cutting so I went out and cut anything I thought was at its prime. I didn’t have a plan for the arrangement I just wanted to harvest those flowers.


That bunch of flowers was so satisfying to gather. I had grown all of it, most from seed and I was so pleased with my bounty. I especially loved the addition of the Geranium seed heads as I thought they would mix well with the deep pink Sweet Williams.

I seared the stem ends of the Cerinthie and plonked them in water overnight.

It was tempting to make a couple of arrangements but I decided just to put them altogether and see what they looked like. A large glass jug was used this time.


It seemed to work okay so that is how it stayed and the great thing is that most of those flowers and foliage stems are long-lasting in water so it should look good for a week or two – as long as I remember to top up and change the water.