Month: June 2013

Photo a Day – week twenty three

Are you hungry? Almost all food this week.

A few details – a descendant of my Gran’s houseplant, breakfast outside, the diets going well, a spot in the garden, one of Gav’s hanging baskets, look to the right and see a just settled swarm of bees (more on that tomorrow) and Greek salad using our home-grown salad leaves and home made pittas.

Bloom – June update

It’s been a little quite on the bloom front from an arrangement point of view these last few weeks but in the garden I have been planting like crazy.

It is that most wonderful time of year where the calendar says YES! Get those plants into the ground. Although there is still the risk of frost and with a spring like we have had anything could happen but I can’t wait any longer and out into to the garden they go.

Here are a few I was planting the other week.

So far I’ve planted about 12 Ammi, 6 Cerinthie, 12 Calendula and 8 Salvia.

Also 12 Helianthus, Sweet Peas and 6 Antirrhinum.

And left to go in, when I find more room, are more Helianthus and Cosmos.

The Knautia I sowed last year are doing really well. They are in one of the little raised beds along with a couple of Euphorbia. I’ll grab a photo of it because it is everything I want from a cutting patch. Abundance! I also let two Alchemilla grow in another of the small beds with the idea that they’ll provide foliage for a few weeks then can be cut back to hopefully re-grow for another burst of green later in the summer.

Although I was reluctant to cut all the Erysimums and Honesty there are still the other biennials I sowed last year, Sweet Williams, yet to flower. As you would imagine I await their flowering eagerly.

Oh yes, it is all coming along great.

Photo a Day – week twenty two

A bittersweet week. Glorious sunshine yet sad memories.

A few details – Bud, road sign on the way to work, H at the bookshop, baby Canada geese, on the table that morning, remembering Dad, at the White Hart hotel in Harrogate for afternoon tea with girls from work.