Beautiful Bees

beesI love bees. And nestled in the middle of that photo is an Italian honey bee. Okay I’m guessing a little about what kind of bee it is. But I’d bet that it’s a bee from our neighbours hive and if it is then they are Italian in origin.

When our neighbour told us she was getting a hive I was thrilled because I love bees! They have been in residence for about four years now and we have three lots of honey and a few swarms along the way. It sounds scary but it isn’t, just best to shut your windows and keep poochy inside. Watching this event is actually pretty amazing and the sound they produce is incredible.

I got this photo last Saturday when some of the bees swarmed and then settled in a tree bordering our two gardens. They are looking for a new home because a new queen has hatched and you can’t have two queens apparently. So the old one rallies her troops and leaves for pastures greener. Folks that keep bees like our neighbour doesn’t really want half of her bees flying off so attempts are made to stop this happening and one of them is to remove any new queen cells. One must have escaped notice because a swarm did occur.


Our neighbour donned the bee suit and got them back into a little hive and moved them back over to her garden but they were set on leaving these parts and swarmed again the next day. It is a complicated and interesting business. Fortunately although some have flown off there are still several thousand of them buzzing away over the fence.

Not a honey bee but just as adorable here is a little Bumble Bee flying in for some pollen or nectar or something….. I said it was all complicated.


Here is another shot of that honey bee.


And an interesting fact I got out of the Sunday paper. If we had to pollinate all our crops in some way other than how we do it now, or rather how the bees do it for us, it would cost  about £14 billion. Gulp. Apart from the logistical factor of how we would pollinate all the crops that is quite al lot of money those little bees save us.

I’ll try not to get on my soap box but I will say is that we should be taking a more responsible approach to anything, like pesticides, that may be affecting the bee population. We should try to plant bee friendly flowers to help them along because they are vital and in essence…

We should all love bees.