Month: June 2013

Project Life – week 14


And here is week 14.


I used a few different techniques for this page. On the top left card I printed the writing and the ‘opening day’ and then stamped those arrows. I wrote directly onto the photo in Photoshop on the shadows picture and I used the ‘white space’ in the photograph on the bottom left picture to add my journalling again in Photoshop before printing.

That white space was a happy accident. When I took the shot of Buddy on the lawn I wanted the airy quality of the white curtain in the picture and it came in handy for including the story of that day right on the picture.


And on to the next.

The Kitchen Garden in a Pot


When you sow vegetable of herb seeds and they pop up and do what they should do that is grow I find it impossible to throw the plants away even if I have fifty of them. And it seems that Gav suffers the same plight because these pots appeared on the patio the other day.


Tomatoes, herbs and a courgette.


It’s always good to have lots of tomatoes anyway and they all look so pretty together. We also have salad growing in a pot too.


Big garden, little garden, no garden you can grow crops anywhere.

Photo a Day – week twenty five


Let’s have some more eh?


A few details – heading to the park gates, milk for lattes, adorable niece and a cola, my reflection in the glass doors at work, a lounging Buddy, home-made cherry cake and on our walk.

Bloom – Cetranthus, Euphorbia and Alchemilla


I was getting ansty about not using the foliage plants that were growing in abundance. It just felt like bad manners not to harvest the euphoria and alchemilla but yet again I was left with no flowers.

But then I remembered the swathes of Cetranthus rubra growing in our front garden.And after a little forage in the woods I found the rose stems which were tinged with pink and matched the cetranthus colour.


It may not be perfect but it was free and I love it!

Project Life – Week 13


It has been some time since I shared a Project Life layout. I had nine weeks worth of photos printed last week and began to work through them.

Like before I worked through my notes after cutting each week’s pictures up and then and popped them into the pockets. Then I added writing and some embellishments. I say embellishments but it’s pretty minimal certainly for this week.


Still doing one page per week but I added a couple of extra photos by making flip-up pockets on the bottom left and top right. I used washi tape to attach a photo to the top edge of the card already in the pocket.


Week 13 done on to week 14.

Close up and personal


Ever since I discovered the macro facility on the point and shoot camera I’ve been a fan of close up photographs. Flowers lend themselves to this art form perfectly.

But since I’ve being using the DSLR camera these shots have not been possible as we don’t have a macro lens. Then last week when we were visiting Fountains Abbey Gav pointed out some wild flowers and asked me to take some close up shots. I of course said I couldn’t and that’s when he pointed out that the kit lens that came with the camera has a macro facility! And I never knew it.


So I had a go at taking some close up shots.


I like this last one the best. That hint of purple within the grass. Lovely.

flower-1A work in progress but so glad I now know the option is there.

Photo a Day – week twenty four


photo-a-day-graphic2.0Almost at the halfway point!


A few details – Ripley Castle garden, seeds, Fountains Abbey, help from Mum, pasta salad with homegrown salad leaves, building a fire surround, making a picture.

Bloom – Roses, Viburnum and Lunaria


In the wood behind our garden there are two huge Viburnum Opulus shrubs. They flower their hearts out and this year I was determined to gather a few stems while the flowers were still beautifully green. The little pompoms emerge brilliant lime green and turn pure white as they grow and mature. As the little green heads they make wonderful additions to a flower arrangement so I wanted to take advantage of that.

So I went out the other day and cut some stems. Along with the Viburnum I picked a couple of other foliage plants from the garden.


I set up my table ready to treat the stems of the plants. They were seared in boiling water, hence the mug on the table and then left in deep water overnight.

The following day I scoured the garden for flowers to go in the arrangement but there just wasn’t anything that was right so I had to resort to buying some roses. They were fairtrade so I felt better about it but it isn’t what I want to do. I want to fill the house with home grown blooms. I blame the lure of those Viburnums!

Here is the arrangement before I added the roses.


I actually like it just as it is.

But I added the roses.


Not totally satisfying. It needed many more roses and another flower to give it the wow factor. On reflection I think I should have left it without the roses but at least I got a vase of those Viburnums in the house this year.

The Buttercups


This year I have noticed how amazing the fields of buttercups are around where we live. Perhaps it has something to do with the late start to the season and that has made them more vigorous or just appear to be.

And every time I drive along a certain road I see this particular field and want to stop the car and go and pick buckets full of these pretty flowers. But I never do.

However, I found a patch in the wood the other day and picked those instead.


I love them sat on the stove in their little white jug. Not just weeds. Free flowers. Now that’s something I love too.

Beautiful Bees

beesI love bees. And nestled in the middle of that photo is an Italian honey bee. Okay I’m guessing a little about what kind of bee it is. But I’d bet that it’s a bee from our neighbours hive and if it is then they are Italian in origin.

When our neighbour told us she was getting a hive I was thrilled because I love bees! They have been in residence for about four years now and we have three lots of honey and a few swarms along the way. It sounds scary but it isn’t, just best to shut your windows and keep poochy inside. Watching this event is actually pretty amazing and the sound they produce is incredible.

I got this photo last Saturday when some of the bees swarmed and then settled in a tree bordering our two gardens. They are looking for a new home because a new queen has hatched and you can’t have two queens apparently. So the old one rallies her troops and leaves for pastures greener. Folks that keep bees like our neighbour doesn’t really want half of her bees flying off so attempts are made to stop this happening and one of them is to remove any new queen cells. One must have escaped notice because a swarm did occur.


Our neighbour donned the bee suit and got them back into a little hive and moved them back over to her garden but they were set on leaving these parts and swarmed again the next day. It is a complicated and interesting business. Fortunately although some have flown off there are still several thousand of them buzzing away over the fence.

Not a honey bee but just as adorable here is a little Bumble Bee flying in for some pollen or nectar or something….. I said it was all complicated.


Here is another shot of that honey bee.


And an interesting fact I got out of the Sunday paper. If we had to pollinate all our crops in some way other than how we do it now, or rather how the bees do it for us, it would cost  about £14 billion. Gulp. Apart from the logistical factor of how we would pollinate all the crops that is quite al lot of money those little bees save us.

I’ll try not to get on my soap box but I will say is that we should be taking a more responsible approach to anything, like pesticides, that may be affecting the bee population. We should try to plant bee friendly flowers to help them along because they are vital and in essence…

We should all love bees.