Gardens visited – The Manor, Hemmingford Grey

I read about this garden somewhere, perhaps in the yellow book and really wanted to go and see it. And as I’ve been sorting photos out for writing about all the gardens we have visited over the years I discovered it’s in the book too so counts to my 100. Yay.

Set on the banks of the Great Ouse you approach on foot along a path by the river. The start of a ramshackle brick wall and then a glimpse into the garden.

I knew before I visited that the garden had once been owned by Lucy Boston author of the Green Knowe children’s books, so I think I was expecting it to be magical and dreamy and there are parts of it that fit that description perfectly.

There were also a traditional cottage style borders, an amazing beautifully sculpted topiary chess set and roses galore.

Absolutely worth a visit and if you like old houses as well as gardens the Manor is supposed to be the oldest inhabited house in England dating back to 1130.