Project Life – catch up

The weeks have flown by and the photos stacked up in my Project Life folder ready for printing.

As part of the preparation, as well as keeping notes each week and then planning what photos will go where and saving them in a separate folder on the computer, I have also made weekly date cards for quite a few weeks in advance. Here are three from earlier in the year.

As I am only using one 12 x 12 page for a week I decided to use a 3 x 4 slot for the date holder rather than a 6 x 4.  I got carried away making these little cards and then just had to add them to the album.

I used masks and inks, washi tape, paint and more masks and some 12 x 12 patterned papers cut down to size.

In an attempt to be more organised this time than last, when I had to print a few photos at home to fill gaps, I added a note into each physical pocket as to which photo was going in that spot.

I also typed some journalling ahead of getting the photos printed (you can see it in the photo above top left) so for that week all I had to do was add the pictures and a few embellishments if I wanted to. This was definitely a good move.

When the pictures arrived I went through the pile trimming them to size and slipping them into the note book for the right week. That way I had all the right photos in the right place when I cam to add them into the album.

Week seven, 11 – 17 Feb.

I added an extra page into this spread. A three pocket 6 x 12 page cut down from a 12 x 12 and using washi tape to seal the cut edge.

I got the idea from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

Week eight, 18 – 24 Feb. This makes use of the back of that extra page from the week before.

I was also excited to use a digital ‘brush’ I bought from Designer Digitals. It’s from Ali Edwards In the Garden set.It’s on the photo of the Hamamelis stem.

Week nine, 25 Feb -3 March.

I used a stencil on the bottom left card with Distress Ink. I needed something to tie the colours together and I liked how it turned out.

And that’s it for now. I have more photos printed so will be back next week with another update.