Month: April 2013

Photo a Day – week seventeen

And here are more.

A few details – a little remote collection, my niece working on the 6 times table, avocado and our own salad sandwich, at work, on our kitchen window sill, Gav, B and C heading off to walk over Ingleborough and an Ammi seedling.

Read – April

I picked this up in Barter Books. I liked the cover. Those folk who design book covers to make you pick them up really know their stuff!

I wasn’t sure about her writing style at first but I carried on and although it wasn’t a favourite I love a detective story. I think she has created an interesting and likeable character in Inspector Singh and I might be tempted to pick up another one at some point.

And I feel so much better now I have read almost as many books as Gav this year…..

On a Wednesday

My new to me books arrived today. I was giddy with delight. Gav was putting an order in at that big bookshop in the sky the other day and I asked him to put these two  in his basket. Secondhand. I feel like polishing my halo buying secondhand books. And they came today. Just in time for Saturday when I will be in need of a good read.

I went out for coffee twice. Once with my Mum and the other with my BFF. H and I were so engrossed in chatting that almost three hours flew by. It’s good to talk.

I sowed Helianthus seed and ate avocado salad sandwiches for lunch. I put two loads of washing on and scrubbed Buddy’s neck from where he’d rolled in a little gift a fox had left us in the garden. Nice.

All on a Wednesday.

Photo a Day – week sixteen

Spring is springing so onward…..

A few details – healthy rice and lentil salad, my older niece at the cinema, early morning street cleaning, the dining room mantel, Bircher Museli with blueberries, pretty buildings and daffodils from the garden.

Project Life – up tp 24 March

Getting the rest of the last printed batch into the album. Still trying to keep to a single page for each week although we were away in March and this turned into a double plus a 3 pocket additional page.

The ‘Love these Memories’ above is from a digital set by Ali Edwards. I printed it on white card and cut it out.

Okay onto week ten.

I made a small error with that journal card. I forgot it was for two 3 x 4 pockets and used a 4 x 6 card so I just cut in half anyway. It’s still legible so I okay with that. The ‘details’ speech bubble is from a SNAP set of stickers that I just love.

Week eleven at the wonderful cottage in Northumberland. I added a bookmark from my favourite barter books and you can see the 6 x 12 three pocket page.

And with the smaller page turned over.

I also bought this set of digital brushes which includes all kinds of arrows. I resized an outline one in Photoshop and typed my little bit of writing inside the outline. I think it came out too big but I’m going with it.

And back home again for week twelve.

Because I am putting so much more thought into this process this year what with the printing in batches etc I am also trying to balance the left and right pages even though they are different weeks.

I say trying because I am not really happy with the pages I am creating. Last year I used what papers and card I had and in terms of cohesion they were all over the place yet I love that album. I wanted to have a brighter more colourful look to the album this year and I think I have achieved that but I’m not blown away by its appearance.

It could be the one week to a page thing or the delay in creating or just that I’m not getting it right.

I’ll keep on going and see what happens.

On our walls

When we were in Cape Cod a few years ago I was wandering along the main street of Chatham looking for gifts to bring home when I spotted this print. It wasn’t cheap but I loved it. I was almost out the door without buying it when I decided I had to have it and I am so glad I did.

It is a great picture, unusual and it reminds me of that holiday.

This one is homemade. I used a rubber stamp and red ink.

I made three altogether.

Gav made these from various maps and an aerial shot of our neighbourhood.

And this one was a gift from the staff at Lindisfarne Castle when we got married there.

A little history and pieces of us up there on the walls. Perfect.

Photo a Day – day ninety eight to one hundred and four

I think I’ll start saying week such and such instead of the day as these numbers are crazy now! One hundred and four photos?! Wow.

A few details – homemade banana pancakes, FREE latte on the way to work, a pile of logs, his and hers beverages, anyone seen that dog? Pretty candles at a friend’s house, daffodils at last.

Gardens visited – The Manor, Hemmingford Grey

I read about this garden somewhere, perhaps in the yellow book and really wanted to go and see it. And as I’ve been sorting photos out for writing about all the gardens we have visited over the years I discovered it’s in the book too so counts to my 100. Yay.

Set on the banks of the Great Ouse you approach on foot along a path by the river. The start of a ramshackle brick wall and then a glimpse into the garden.

I knew before I visited that the garden had once been owned by Lucy Boston author of the Green Knowe children’s books, so I think I was expecting it to be magical and dreamy and there are parts of it that fit that description perfectly.

There were also a traditional cottage style borders, an amazing beautifully sculpted topiary chess set and roses galore.

Absolutely worth a visit and if you like old houses as well as gardens the Manor is supposed to be the oldest inhabited house in England dating back to 1130.

Bloom 2.0 – update

Was it something I said? Umm…. Just after I posted ‘Spring my dearest….’ we had the worst snow fall this season!

But now all the snow has vanished and with the clocks springing forwards it feels as though spring really is coming this time.

Last Saturday we had a very pleasant day and I got into the greenhouse and sowed more flower seed.

Calendula, Molucella, Cosmos, Cerinthie and more sweet peas. That’s to go with the ones I have already sown Cleome, Ammi, Salvia and Antirrhinum.

And not forgetting the biennials that might grow if it warms up, wallflowers, sweet william and honesty.

And finally a few stalwart plants that are in the garden already Euphorbia and Alchemilla.

And that photo reminds me, I’m sure I ordered Sunflowers I must hunt down that seed packet and get them going too.

Never mind the cold I am getting on with it all now.

Oh no! Don’t ring that bell

Yes we do have a hotel/restaurant sty;e bell in our kitchen. Why? Because I am an idiot and Gav thinks he’s a comedian….. Let me explain.

I don’t know where he got it from, Masterchef? Fawlty Towers? Our local Pizza Express?  Who knows but my dear Gav started shouting ‘service’ from the kitchen whenever he needed a hand getting food from there to dining table. He thought it was hilarious and I just ignored him.This has been going on several years now.

I was in a department store before Christmas last year and stumbled into the silly gifts department and saw that bell. I just had to buy it. I didn’t think through the consequences of the bell at all I just thought it would be such a great and funny stocking filler for him.

Hmm.. Bright ideas eh?

So after almost giving the game away when I wrapped it up and having to resort to padding the bell out in the box to stop it ringing Christmas morning finally arrived.  Did he like it? Oh yes he laughed and laughed. Did he think how sweet of  Mel  buying me such a funny little gift let’s put away in a cupboard and never use it?

Oh no!

That bell gets full use. All. The. Time.

I supposed there is a silver lining. I have been known to ring the thing myself and it feels good. Ding.