Month: March 2013

Layout share – March

Still working on my pile of California photos. And I was thinking that I might make a couple of intro layouts and then add the rest of the photos in a divided page for now. If I want to go back and scrap them I can but this way the photos get to be in an album where they can be seen rather than sitting in a pile on my desk.

So here is the into page for Los Angeles.

I know a skyline is not what LA is famed for but I liked the idea of repeating the stamp and embossing it in red glitter powder. I masked the image off to repeat the stamp along the page by cutting a duplicate image on scrap paper and covering the already stamped one. Love how it turned out and will be doing that again.

I also did an intro page for our visit to the Shultz Museum in Santa Rosa.

I loved Peanuts when I was younger and going to this museum was a real treat. I had a few stickers that I bought years ago and thought they’d make a cute addition to this page.

And finally a non-California page.

I really, really love how this layout turned out. I used Tim Holtz fragments with a stamped image adhered to the back of them and little metal gears also from Tim Holtz. The stamps are from a 7 Gypsies set and I love that frame stamp. Here I just stamped the corners around the photo of the tyres. Very effective.

So there we go. More pages to add to albums.

Scones and heirloom spoons

I was making scones the other day because when you’re on a diet the best thing is scones jam and cream…….And I got one of my large tablespoons out to do some of the mixing.

I adore these spoons. They look old fashioned like a proper tablespoon from my childhood and I guess I think that because they are.

I got two of these tablespoons from my Gran. I’ve had them a good few years now. Not sure where she got them from? Maybe her mother passed them on to her? Or they were a wedding gift? I’ll have to see if anyone in the family remembers. But even if they were new to her and I’m only the second owner I love them anyway. To me they are precious because she used them, they were part of her kitchen.

I love the little things.

Oh and the scones came out just fine, if a tad well done.

Perfect diet food like I say.

Photo a Day – seventy seven to eighty three

Click, click, clicking along.

A few details – a little nosey-wose peeking out from under the blankets, yes we do have a bell in our kitchen (a story for another day!), my reflection, a rhododendron bud, the garden under snow, Buddy and the snow, homemade scones.

A couple more

I can’t resist the chance to wax lyrical a little bit more about Barter Books and that I have added two more Agatha Christie books to the collection.

I was excited to get within those magical walls and look to see if there were any of the novels on the shelves that I didn’t already have. It was a bit disappointing to only find two to cross off the list but as I love going into that shop so much it doesn’t matter if I buy anything.

I might just need another shelf for Agatha on the bookcase soon.

Bloom 2.0 – sowing seed

The seed sowing has begun.

I have got the Cleome, Sweet Peas, Salvia and Ammi already done. Some teeny shoots are popping up but this cold weather is giving them a challenge.

It won’t be a surprise to learn that I am a little slap dash with the whole seed sowing business. I just get on with it using whatever pot I think best and whatever compost we have on hand. I do manage to stick to a few vital instructions on the seed packet though. For example the Cleome that was sown in the above picture needs light to germinate so you don’t cover the seed with a sprinkling of compost.

I try to cover the seed trays or pots with a lid or even a plastic bag but often I forget. I know this hap-hazard approach doesn’t always secure success but I usually get the seedlings popping up eventually!

I’ll keep you posted on the emergence of said seedlings if the snow ever stops.

Read 2013 – March

Only my third book this year…. I’ll have to do better, Gav is on five!

Anyway this was second book I have read about Inspector Montalbano of the Sicilian police.  The Terracotta Dog by Andrea Camilleri.

I liked it better than the first maybe I have got used to the translation style and look forward to getting another and that there are so many in this series.

Oh, and apologies for the cheesy shot above. Couldn’t resist putting the book next to my terracotta dog!

Spring my dearest, are you there?

It’s fair to say that I love the snow. I may have mentioned that before…… I like the winter and the frost and that special kind of light you get when the sun sets early. A winter sky, ah you can’t beat it.

Except I also like sunshine and I realised a couple of weeks ago when we had a lovely warmer spell that I had missed the better weather. Imagine me not realising I missed something as fundamental as that.

So I am ready for the spring. The lighter nights and lengthening days, the shadows growing shorter and the possibilities of a new growing year in the garden.

Yes, I am ready.

Photo a Day – day seventy to seventy six

The year is ticking along. Or should I say clicking……

A few details – Cute boy at the cottage, Barter Books, lunch at the Victoria Hotel, the beach at Dunstanburgh Bay, a wonderful rainbow, Dunstanburgh Castle in early morning light, my latest read.

Scrapbook Layout from a sketch

Playing along with Shimelle’s sketch seven. (sorry that shot above is blurry but it shows the writing on the vellum.)

The design of this sketch was to allow a larger portion of a loved background paper to still shine through.

I used a photo from the never ending pile of California pictures. It has to be said I like a shadow shot. And I really like this sketch as it is easy to make a simple or busy page. And I love vellum. Even thought it’s not quite a match to the colour of blue under the photos I think it works.

Photo a Day – day sixty three to sixty nine

More? Okay then.

A few details: Bud catching a few rays, from the bottom of the garden, coffee, ‘Hermione’ on World Book Day, Pizza Express drinks, the Angel of the North, Gav and Bud on the beach.