Pooch in training

All dogs have their little foibles right? Like chasing cats or jumping up at strangers in the park eating chewing gum off the street or barking their heads off at squirrels.

So you would think that if I’d taken it upon myself to train this little pup one of those annoying traits would be high on the training agenda.

You would be wrong.

Let me tell you a story. On a morning when my dearest husband comes down stairs he whistles a little tune. It’s a good morning I’m here sort of tune. I know he’s got a big head that husband of mine. Anyway, over time at the very first whistled note of the morning tune Buddy starts wagging his tail. He may be curled up in front of the fire or suctioned onto the radiator it wouldn’t matter. The very sound of that song gets his tail a-wagging. It is literally Pavlov’s conditioning of dogs!

And while Buddy is greeting Gavin with a tail wag and a slobbery kiss I sit chuntering at the unfairness of that dogs love. But yesterday I had a brain wave.

I need a song!

And I thought I would get him interested in a few treats while singing the song.

Okay, he took no notice and just ate the treat. Let’s try it again.

Right he’s listening to me. Good.

Yes, he’s more interested in me than the treat. Wonderful.

Uh oh. I think he’s fed up of waiting. And my singing…

Mmm… Nice treat then, what about the Pavlov conditioning? Are you now ready to greet me with the same adoring affection as you greet Gav?

Ah. I see. Back to the drawing board.