Weekly Layout – a review

Twelve months ago I embarked on the process of making a scrapbook layout a week and sharing the process of making the page from start to finish here on the blog. You can see all the layouts here.

I hoped to learn about why I choose designs and styles and grow from that knowledge.

I’ve been thinking about this challenge and whether I have been succesful or not and what I have learned through the months.

My initial thoughts were of my failure to make 52 layouts but I put that aside and focussed on the positive. I made 41 layouts for this project and a few more along the way and that is a great achievement. 41 stories told last year.

I have other negatives, well not so much negatives but observations about the mechanics of photographing my creative process. The very act of stopping to photograph each step challenges the creativity and I take my hat off to all those amazing blogger/scrapbookers out there who do this week in and week out. I did not find a rhythm for taking the photos of each step and probably every week had a trauma about getting the photos taken, usually due to poor light.

The biggest thing I think I have learned is that although I like a clean and simple look I also like artsy messy looks too. That I will always struggle to get started and often need inspiration from other layouts to help me along the way.

Overall not really a success in terms of changing the way I scrap but what I intend to do this year is keep making layouts and keep sharing the end result here and I’m hoping that without the pressure of getting each step of a page photographed I will find the creative path that the weekly layout helped hone.

Let’s get the story told and the rest will follow.