2013 – the plan

Putting last year behind me then and moving forward with 2013 I have put together an idea for the year ahead.

I read a great blog almost every day (oops, don’t think it is in my inspiration list…) And at the start of 2012 Elise came up with monthly goals rather than a year list. I like that idea, less time to procrastinate yet enough time to get yourself in gear for just a couple of things. So this year I am going to set a few goals to achieve each month.

As well as monthly goals I am also committed to the Photo a Day, to cross at least 7 things of the Click Tick List and carry out Bloom 2.0. I am also going to go back over all the class material for the Photography course I took last year.

Putting those together with a few just for January gives me a list. Oh yes, be still my list loving heart.

In January I will:

  • Take a Photo a Day
  • Go over week five and six of the Photography workshop
  • Share a couple of layouts on the blog
  • Learn how to make a ‘Polaroid’ frame in Photoshop (Gav wants these for some video he’s making)
  • Re-design the blog on paper (Gav says he’ll make the changes if I draw up a design in Photoshop!)
  • Read a book from the pile and share my thoughts
  • Go out with Gav to a film or for dinner
  • Make profiteroles -Click Tick List
  • Make Bircher Museli – Click Tick list
  • Finish last year’s Project Life album

That should both challenge my brain and keep me busy for January.

I’m ready. Let’s go!