Month: December 2012

Twenty five books – number 20

Ah well, I failed in my quest to read twenty five books this year. Can’t believe I did worse than last year. But them’s the breaks.

My last book this year was the lovely story by David Baldacci ‘The Christmas Train.’ It was recommended by my friend after I had waxed lyrical about the journey Gav and I took on the Coast Starlight in September this year.  And I’m so glad she put me on to this book as it was a good Christmassy read. Don’t know if it’s still in print as I bought it second-hand.

Here’s to another good reading year, another good broadening of the horizons. Bring on the next challenge. Come on 2013.

Merry and Bright

Doing the final running about. Looking forward to a Christmas film and a rest after tomorrow. Fourteen for lunch and the oven blew up the other day but all will be fine.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate.


December Daily – catching up

Playing catch up. This has happened to me every year Ive joined in with December Daily. A few days where, for whatever reason, the little book sits there abandoned. But each year I have managed to find the love to pick it up again and every year I look back on these albums I am so glad I finished them.That thought alone keeps me going.

Anyway back to day 14.

Day 15.

I tucked a recipe for chestnut stuffing into the envelope along with a note about the day.

Day 16.The little hearts on the left page were stamped using the distress white paint onto kraft card. Love those little pockets for the photos.Day 17.

Day 18. Hand wrote a few notes and cut them into strips for simple journalling.

And finally for this update Day 19.

I only added the little journal card to the envelope on the right page. Might go back and add an embellishment to the right side at some point.

There we go almost caught up.

December Days

We have been up to one of our favourite places, the coast around Bamburgh, and found Rudolph while we were there.

We took a few photos.

Buddy found some seaweed that he thought was a stick. Doesn’t chew quite the same though…

He also ran his legs off chasing the ball on a rope.

We took our traditional photo.

And went to the wonderful Barter Books. ( They have a great video on the site at the moment that tells the story of the Keep Calm poster.) Bud wasn’t too keen to browse literary works.

But I got the chance to practice a few inside shots.

Oh! for bookshelves so full.

Hope to catch up with December Daily soon.

December Daily – day 12 and 13

Here we go with day 12 and 13.

Love the contrast on the foundation page for 12th. And that number washi tape. Simple photos of me starting to do some wrapping.

And yesterday the great tradition of the nativity. Managed to use the back of someones head in the photo to great advantage and typed the journaling directly onto the photo in Photoshop.

And a shot of a delicious treat we had in the evening.

More please…..

December Daily – day 10 and 11

Welcome to more December Daily pages.

My niece and I went to decorate my Mums Christmas tree on Monday. I typed up another word strip to add onto the page. The Foundation of the 10th was a red envelope so I wrote the story of the day on some kraft card to insert into the envelope. A photo of that is below.

Yesterday, Gav and I went shopping in the evening and enjoyed a coffee too. Gav took a great photo of the coffee goodness.

On the left hand side of day 11 I added a photo of one of two Christmas trees we bought on Sunday. I took this shot before I trimmed it up. Love the glimpse of Buddy at the bottom of the shot.

I wrote the story of the shopping trip on the other side of the card in the envelope and I added the labels from both trees to that card.

As good a place as any to keep them and I like being able to look back at the cost of our trees. Hope to get a good photo of the big tree today to tell that story.

Onward into twinkle lights.

Twenty five Books – Number nineteen

I think the quest for 25 books this year has passed me by but even though I’m not going to succeed I do have a few left to read and am looking forward to them.

Number nineteen was another Dorothy L. Sayers Lord Peter Whimsey story. This was the first of the series she wrote about that character and I really enjoyed it. Might give these a rest for now but knowing I have a stock of books to turn back to is a great feeling.

December Daily – day 9

Hello and welcome to day 9.

Just a couple of photographs slipped into the back of that sized down divided page protector from the 8th. One is of my niece at her Carol Service for school and the other is of my book 19. Lots went on yesterday so I wrote about the day on a piece of red card with a white gel pen and popped it onto that little envelope.

And as a nod to the carols I added ‘sing’ in glitter thickers.

And that was the 9th of December.

December Daily – day 8

A great photo of Gav and Buddy for the 8th. They went out for a walk on the moors with Gav’s friend B. Thanks for the photo B.

The left side I added a metal holly sprig that I have had a number of years and I’m hoping Gav will write a little note about their walk.

I love the look of the little page protector in amongst the other papers it adds a contrast to the album I think.

December Daily Day 5, 6 and 7

One of those truly wonderful things happened on the 5th, actually two wonderful things. I received a letter from a friend. A real, beautiful handwritten letter that arrived through the post! And as luck would have it day 5’s foundation page was a red envelope so I just switched the red for the one my lovely friend sent and hey presto day 5 was finished.

Don’t you just adore life when it does something like that?

(By the way those elephants on the photo below were on that envelope. Ellie Poo writing paper I do believe. She’s an eco warrior that friend of mine. And they look cute too.)

The 6th was one of those perfect ice cold frosty days when the sun made a statement as it rose into the sky so I popped out to grab the glorious colours of a sunrise. Also, I put the final ingredients into the bowl of Christmas pudding mix and  I snapped a photo of Gav as he cut into a delicious fruit loaf he made.

I simply clipped my writing onto the back of the envelope with a cute bulldog clip.

Yesterday was a quiet day all round and I wasn’t inspired to take any photos really. Then for lunch I had a tangerine and I ended up making this layout for the day inspired by memories of eating tangerines when I was a child.

Looking back counts too and I love this little story. Flipping through a 6 x 6 pad I found the great paper with that little house on. That was my background. Next I had to work out how to print onto it. It took a few attempts to get the size and length of the journalling just right.

I marked a corner of the paper so I knew where it printed the text. Then I adhered the 6 x 6 paper right over the text I knew fit and printed it out.

December is beginning to fly……