December Daily – focusing the mind

Just wanted to pop a few thoughts down on ‘paper’ to help focus and calm my mind before December begins.

This is my fifth year doing December Daily and for the past four of those I have waited impatiently for the start of the month. This year was no different. I went and re-read this great post from Ali which  inspired this one from me last year.

I also had a look at all the links in Ali’s share post. There are some amazing albums and creative minds out there. Welcome by the way if you have stopped over here from that post. It’s lovely to be part of this great and magical project.

Here are just a few things I’m keeping in mind this December.

  • Remember everyday stuff counts.
  • Large photos – I love you.
  • Journal right on the photo in Photoshop or with a pen.
  • Traditions rock.
  • Lists for journalling work too.
  • Document a specific time, what you see, hear smell right the at 9am or 4.15pm. (this was from Ali’s 31 Stories class)

I have taken my deep breaths and been inspired.

I am aware that I need to live it too rather than watch it pass by and now I am ready.