Things to make

Last November I embarked on a crafty task and tried to make six things before Christmas. I had some success and want to repeat the process again this year.

I wanted to take the inspiration from some of those great pins I have over at Pintrest and do something with them instead of just looking at them and thinking there are pretty.

I’ve narrowed down all my pins to a handful of things I’d like to make over then next few weeks.

Cute bookmarks, beautiful tags, painted initial, vintage button heart, Christmas trees  sewn onto card, painted star onto wood – don’t know where I’ll get wood – block of hearts on a square background, hanging hearts and stars, black and white photo gift tags.

And the one I didn’t finish last year…. the fabric tied wreath!

Just planning these things gets me in the Christmassy mood. How about you, planning on making gifts this year?