Month: November 2012

December Daily – focusing the mind

Just wanted to pop a few thoughts down on ‘paper’ to help focus and calm my mind before December begins.

This is my fifth year doing December Daily and for the past four of those I have waited impatiently for the start of the month. This year was no different. I went and re-read this great post from Ali which  inspired this one from me last year.

I also had a look at all the links in Ali’s share post. There are some amazing albums and creative minds out there. Welcome by the way if you have stopped over here from that post. It’s lovely to be part of this great and magical project.

Here are just a few things I’m keeping in mind this December.

  • Remember everyday stuff counts.
  • Large photos – I love you.
  • Journal right on the photo in Photoshop or with a pen.
  • Traditions rock.
  • Lists for journalling work too.
  • Document a specific time, what you see, hear smell right the at 9am or 4.15pm. (this was from Ali’s 31 Stories class)

I have taken my deep breaths and been inspired.

I am aware that I need to live it too rather than watch it pass by and now I am ready.

Tied fabric wreath

At long last I finished this wreath that was started last November. Inspired by a couple of photographs here and here.

I used a double hoop metal wreath ring that florists would use to make a foliage wreath. When I began this project I became disheartened that it didn’t look right but when I made myself pick it back up again I just carried on until it was finished. I think it just looks odd until it is finished, if that makes sense.

To make it I cut strips of fabric to just over and inch wide and about 7 inches long and tied them onto the wire ring covering both hoops and placing the knots in the centre of the two rings at the front.

Simple and effective I might even make another as a gift.

Can’t wait to get it hung up for the festive season. Come on December.

Weekly layout – number forty two

Welcome to the forty second layout in the series.

Not a California layout this week but a little story about Buddy. A photo from last year was a good one to use because a) I love this photo and b) it captures that butter wouldn’t melt quality he possesses.

I picked a few papers out, I always tend to go for bright colours when scrapping Bud. There were some little scraps of paper that I wanted to use up so I threw them in the mix too.

Once the photo had been placed on white card there was no going back even thought that wasn’t my plan. But I liked the look and attached the photo right at the top of a 6 inch strip of card.

I placed a narrow strip of orange at the top of the page.

The scraps were all rectangular in shape and the idea of building them up in a block just happened so I went along with that.

Once the papers were in place I felt the page needed more balance at the bottom so I added another strip of the orange paper. I was bold with my title and added it right onto the papers. So unlike me.

Three stars were stamped with Distress Ink and a lovely Tim Holtz swirl stamp.

Cute doggy brads.

I put the stars around the page and added a little washi tape and the brads.

The writing was added in a white pen the help the balance of the white around the page plus it shows up great on that blue.

Cute and fun. And a lovely story about the Budster told.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Strictly A-maz-ing

Lucky, lucky, lucky. That was me last weekend at Wembley Arena watching the filming of Strictly Come Dancing.

Thanks to my BFF getting tickets for the show we were on the spot for all the action. It was truly amazing, fun and glittery.

Strictly really does ROCK!

The click tick list – update

It has been a while since I did anything from my list. And although I can’t cross this entry off yet I have a progress report.

  • Eat at 5 new to us Vegetarian Restaurants

While we were away in California we ate at three new to us vegetarian restaurants – yay.

Greens in San Francisco’s Fort Mason A Slice of Life in Sebastopol and Real Food Daily in Los Angeles.

They were all different and all good. We found that in general the options on menus in California were designated ‘vegan’ rather than vegetarian and it was good to try more vegan food.

Two more to find before I can cross something off the list.

The letter B

It took some time for me to delve into Pintrest. I don’t usually ‘get’ that kind of stuff but I loved looking at other pins and re-pinning, building a theme on a board and looking at them all sat there being pretty. Last November I used some of the inspiration to make a few crafty things but since then all my pins have sat there just looking pretty and not inspiring me.

I made a conscious effort last week to pick out a few, I mentioned them all here.

And the other day I pulled out the watercolour pencils and tackled this one. Not a patch on the original but a start and I enjoyed the process.

Project one – check!

The garden in November

It’s been a while since I shared photographs of the garden so here are a few I took this morning.

This last one is just what I take photos for. I was taking a shot of the fallen apples and my feet and Bud stuck his truffling little nose into the picture as he snuffled out an apple.


Weekly layout – week forty one

Welcome to week forty one.

You guessed it – more California photographs this week. The story of our journey on the Coast Starlight.

I wanted to use all the photos shown and knew they wouldn’t fit on one 12 x 12 but I cropped them a bit hoping to fit them on one page. In the end I had to go with a double page layout. I laid the photos in a grid leaving a blank space for the journal block.

That yellow footstool step spoke to me as a colour for the layout, which is unusual as I’m not a yellow fan but I managed to find some yellow papers along with a lovely floral and some blues and greens.

I cut two strips of the blue pattern and put them at the top of the photos rounding the corners.

I tried a couple of combinations of colours on that left edge.

And considered adding a strip at the bottom of the photos too.

I cut a journal block and added a couple of tiny pieces of card and a metal tag. I also popped another strip of patterned paper onto the top blue strip.

To balance the page I cut a shaped piece of cards from the blue paper and added it onto the left of the page.

The story war stamped on the tag and I added the writing onto the card.

I got to this point and realised I hadn’t even thought about a title. So I added that with lime green Thickers.

Finally I added another little cluster of embellishment at the top right which included yellow labels from October Afternoon and that was the pages finished.

As usual with the white card background the layout ended up being very minimal. But that’s the way I seem to like it.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

25 Books – number 18

You know when you are just in the mood for a murder mystery? Well I picked this one off the bookshelf because that’s the mood I was in.

This was my second Lord Peter Whimsey story and I liked it as much as the first and it was a bit easier to get through. (Just checked on the chronology of both books and was surprised that Clouds of Witness was the second of the Lord Peter novels with The Nine Tailors being the ninth – I don’t usually even consider reading books out of order!)

It was a good old detective story and makes me want to pick up another.

Project Life – update

Coming back to normal life from a fantastic holiday I find incredibly hard. Hence my little note about reality in the pages for 1-7 October. I added some birthday cards into a  6 x 12 page protector. You can just see them in the photos above and below. Love that big cake!

Another birthday also that week and I added another 3 slot 6 x 12 page into the album.

Onto the next week. The back of that 6 x 12 page still has a couple of gaps. I am waiting for a photo Gav took on a trip to London and a bit of writing about the day……

A cards about the baseball some food shots and that cute dog.

14 – 21 October next. Seems to be all about food that week.

Love that bottom left photo. Not only is it treats and special coffees from Starbucks but I wrote onto the photograph in Photoshop. I should do it more often as I adore the way it turned out.

And the left page is another 6 x 12.

I have officially run out of PL page protectors so need to order more. And the album is pretty full I may need to start another one but didn’t want to use two albums for one year.

I am often behind in this process but I love this album and the whole idea of memory keeping in this way and carrying on next year.