Bloom – a review

Soon all the potential of flowers will be lost to frost which reduces the once green and thriving foliage to a blackened mass. But we haven’t had frost yet.

I admit my enthusiasm has taken a big hit in relation to this project because it was something of a failure. As I looked back at the bunches of flowers I posted here I was disappointed to find only eight little bunches had been arranged since June. That was hardly filling the house with blooms was it?

So……. What went wrong?

Answering that question is going to shake my whole gardening world. Because I can’t blame the weather or the amount of flowers I planted. No.

I have come to the conclusion that my previous belief that the soil isn’t important in gardening has finally been overturned. Oh, I know gardeners the world over tell you to make the soil better and your plants will be better but that’s an awful lot of hard work isn’t it and we all know I don’t do hard work so I have mostly just popped plants into the ground and let them get on with it.

But no more. I have finally come round to everyone elses opinion that soil is king.

And now I’ve admitted that in print I need to lie down awhile……

To be fair I do blame the weather a little and the slugs that munched all my Cleome plants and I do think that in hindsight I should have had more plants in the ground.

So what next? Will I do this project next year?

I think I’ll give it another whirl. The Calendula were my stars as always with the sweet peas and Ammi coming in second.

I have already planted biennials in preparation of next year and I’m going to get some Tulips in the ground this weekend.

Okay, now for that lie down.