Month: October 2012

Project life – The Holiday

I have been hemming and hawing about how to tackle the two and half weeks we were away in California on our holidays.

The last two trips to the US I have kept a journal during the trip and added photos to the journal when I got home. But this year I wanted to do something different in the way of journalling during the holiday so I made a small journal just to write in and add maybe a couple of photos. The other thing of course was that this is the first big trip we’ve taken while I am doing Project Life and that also alters how I want to document our travels too.

I had quite a few ideas before we set off but when I got home and began looking through the photographs and I pulled out all the memorabilia I’d saved from the trip I just wanted to put it all in the Project Life album. That is the true beauty of Project Life. it is a home for all the little things we pick up along the way – I love that part of this way of memory keeping.

I sorted through the thousand or so photos and selected the ones that simply had to go in. I varied the sizes a bit and limited myself to a handful from each destination and basically printed them out and let them sit a while.

I then sorted all the memorabilia we collected along the journey and paired it back a little. I have a bad habit of hording things.

While I was working through those two tasks I found a baseball card holder that I bought ages ago and thought that the small pockets might be just the thing for cramming in lots of photographs without taking up pages and pages in the album.

I have ended up with a mix of sizes plus newspapers and some memorabilia.

Here’s a look at the pages.

Still need to add a little writing to those blank spots.

On the front of an 8 x 8 page I inserted a bag from a bakery we stopped at.

And on the back I collaged some memorabilia. It may not be stylish but it gets everything in that I wanted.

Back of the first photo page.

I wanted to include some of the newspapers (like I did with Olympics) I used ordinary 12 x 12 pages and folded the paper to fit.

A close up of my note about reading the sports section. I just clipped it to the page protector.

The back of the paper and the first 6 x 13 page with 3 pockets.

Here is the baseball card page with photos of some of the food we enjoyed.

And the other side some of the flowers we saw. And on the right another 6 x 12 page with three postcards I posted to myself!

Here’s a closer look at the 9 x 9 page.

And the last page. Had to include the card that was left on the bed by the maid in the LA hotel. So cute with pictures of the weather for her to tick.

It is pretty simple but I have got everything I wanted to keep in there. And I am left with tons of stories still to tell.


If you want to find out what Project Life is all about go here.


Weekly layout – week thirty nine

Welcome to week thirty-nine.

Another holiday story this week. Here’s the photo.

You’ll see that I cropped and altered the photo quite a bit before I printed it out. It was grainy to start with so I enhanced the grain to make it look intentional.

The basic layout for this page was taken from a video over at Two Peas. With that in mind I selected some scraps of paper and a background paper I have had for some time.

Then some alphas.

I punched a small strip of the brown paper.

Because I was sticking loosely to the other layout placing the other elements was easier than normal.

The journalling and title were added along with a little embellishment at the bottom left of the page. I love using a punched out shape from another shape like the star out of the circle.

A variety of letter stickers were used for my funny title.

And that little camera made it in there again in the top left grouping. It was so easy using a jumping off point for the design and I like the way this turned out.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.


I think that most people I talk to about scrapbooking don’t really understand what it is. I have written before about the evolution of my scrapping, how I started off creating pretty pages with a photograph and not telling a story along the way. I jumped on the ‘memory keeping’ bandwagon though a couple of years ago and my outlook on the hobby changed for the better.

And therein is the crux of this post. The photo above captures a moment in time, an ordinary if quite pretty moment. I was on my way to the park with Buddy early last Sunday morning. I saw the sun emerge and snapped a photo with my phone.

I hoped to just capture the light and dark. I got lucky and caught a lens flare which I like here but when I looked at the photograph on the computer screen I see other things too. Things about the street, the lack of parked cars, time of year – that the sun is low in the sky, the parking lines and what I didn’t even notice at the time, the Christmas bauble fixed on the lamppost.

It’s the little details that make documenting everything worthwhile. I may not scrap this photo although of course it will get into project life but sometime in th future I may look at this photo again and see the changes or similarities to the present or it may be future generations that look back. Whoever it is I know by documenting now I am saving for the future.  And that’s a good feeling.

25 Books – number 16

I found the recommendation for this book over here. I like a mystery so I bought The Shape of Water which is the first of a series of books featuring Detective Montalbano.

Because I knew it was translated my brain got caught up on that fact and it took me a while to find a rhythm to the writing. But I did enjoy it and it had an interesting conclusion and a few twists along the way so I will be ordering at least another one to see if they are my cup of tea.

Weekly layout – week thirty eight

Welcome to another week of scrapbook walk throughs.

More holiday photos this week.

These are from the Cable Car Museum in San Francisco. We were thrilled to find that the museum was sited in the building where the cables actually run from. We were really impressed by this geeks that we are.

Because of the machine industrial feel to the photos I wanted the layout to echo that. I was also thinking about the maths involved in these enormous wheels and pulleys and things so when I found this paper I knew it had to feature.

It is an old one not sure they do it anymore. From the Basic Grey ‘Basics’ line. I just loved those papers. My only issue with using this paper though was that I didn’t want to cover up those little triangles.I just managed to fit the photos in between the triangles.

There is a yellow tinge to the wheels in the picture and I wanted to pick up that slight touch of red on the sign above the machinery so I picked a few other papers out.

Had that harlequin pattern for ages. I tried a couple of combinations.

The red cardstock was too bold so I picked the second option.

With numbers in mind I picked a journal stamp cut the stamped image in half fo a couple of embellishments.

Then I needed to figure out where on the busy background I was going to write the story. So I cut out a piece of kraft cardstock in a similar shape to the stamp.

Then I added the title using old red felt ‘playroom’ Thickers and the scrabble style tiles from a sheet by Kaisercraft.

This little camera stamp is making its way onto all my California layouts. I got the idea from Shimelle. I bought the stamp set at a garden gift shop of all places.

Some washi tape also went into the mix.

And you can see from the first photo above that a few Tim Holtz gears added the final touch of mechanical-ness!

And there you have it. Really love how it turned out. It is a busy page and that’s unusual for me but I think it captures the mood of the photos.  And I just love that camera stamp.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here


December Daily – inital ponderings

It is that time of year to start thinking about the album for recording December. I’ve had some papers put to one side for months now and keep adding little bits and bobs. Today I pulled the other four albums out to look through and establish a theme or a few ideas to use this year.

I am, as always, looking forward Ali’s album and from the snippets of the Studio Calico kit I’ve seen it looks like she’ll be using a smaller album this year which is always my choice for this project.

So what to do this year. See through pages? Divided page protectors? Snowflakes? Reindeer? Stars? Stamped images or fold out pages?

I actually stopped pondering because I came to a conclusion while considering all the ponderables. What I know about this project is that when I look at the albums from the last four years I turn each page with a smile on my face. I love each and every page and the sum of the albums altogether. I love the memories and the simple fact I recorded these events.

So it doesn’t matter if I don’t use the latest techniques or products, what I need to do is simply put the foundation pages together, enjoy the process as I go and remember this great post from Ali last year.

Lets do this.

Around here

An amazing tree on my walk with Bud and a beautiful pool in the Alhambra gardens at the Park. After my post about Bloom the other day Gav brought in the last of the Antirrhinum’s, they were the best bunch we’d had. Buddy and his broken ball, a bumper order of tub trugs – Gav likes to stock up….. Playing about with white distress stain and kraft card to make some Project Life cards and my breakfast this morning. Using my pumpkin mug which was a limited pattern at Emma’s.

Our trip to A T & T Park and the Pennant

When we were planning our trip to California the one thing that always stayed in the plan was a baseball game. We saw the San Francisco Giants play in September 2010 and they became our second favourite team. I hate to admit that any team could win my heart more than the Mets but I think the Giants may have taken over in my affections……

So we were thrilled and excited to go and see the Giants play again this year and even more thrilled when Voglesong and Posey came to warm up right in front of where we were sitting. It was even better this year as we both understood what was going on the whole game long.

We’re keeping an eye on the pennant race and hoping they can secure a World Series spot. Oh! Baseball we love you.

Weekly layout – week thirty seven

Welcome to week thirty seven. I got straight into scrapping holiday photos this week.

There were four pictures of this visit to see a geyser in northern California. I whittled it down to three photos and picked out some papers. I am nothing if not predictable with paper choices. The photos have lots of blue and some green so guess what, I picked blue and green papers.

Also picked some letter stickers for the title.

I tried the photos a couple of ways.

I used the spotty paper as the background and added a grid paper to the left of the bottom photo.

Then a strip of the lovely chevron\zig zag paper above the photos.

As my writing was going in the square to the left of the bottom photo along with the title I added the title next to make sure I had enough room for the journalling. I used two different fonts. An old chipboard set and the brand new Dear Lizzie foam thickers from American Crafts.

Popped the writing in next. I got a bit twitchy when five words wouldn’t fit on the grid paper but I got over it….. almost.

To cover that up a bit and balance the bottom it needed an extra something or other. I found these great clear stamps that were unused from Kaisercraft.

Thought the explore one fitted well. I stamped them using a couple of different inks to see which was best.

I also added one to the top right along with another paper strip and a tiny label sticker for the date.

A final touch was stamping the long arrows directly onto the layout just next to the title and on the middle right of the page.

And that was it. Less is more again but I like it and it was a good story to tell.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Bloom – a review

Soon all the potential of flowers will be lost to frost which reduces the once green and thriving foliage to a blackened mass. But we haven’t had frost yet.

I admit my enthusiasm has taken a big hit in relation to this project because it was something of a failure. As I looked back at the bunches of flowers I posted here I was disappointed to find only eight little bunches had been arranged since June. That was hardly filling the house with blooms was it?

So……. What went wrong?

Answering that question is going to shake my whole gardening world. Because I can’t blame the weather or the amount of flowers I planted. No.

I have come to the conclusion that my previous belief that the soil isn’t important in gardening has finally been overturned. Oh, I know gardeners the world over tell you to make the soil better and your plants will be better but that’s an awful lot of hard work isn’t it and we all know I don’t do hard work so I have mostly just popped plants into the ground and let them get on with it.

But no more. I have finally come round to everyone elses opinion that soil is king.

And now I’ve admitted that in print I need to lie down awhile……

To be fair I do blame the weather a little and the slugs that munched all my Cleome plants and I do think that in hindsight I should have had more plants in the ground.

So what next? Will I do this project next year?

I think I’ll give it another whirl. The Calendula were my stars as always with the sweet peas and Ammi coming in second.

I have already planted biennials in preparation of next year and I’m going to get some Tulips in the ground this weekend.

Okay, now for that lie down.