Project life update

Hoorah! I am officially up to date.

Here is 16 July.

I added two 6 x 12 inserts for this week. Gav was off walking so I included a map he printed and a photo of him and B at the summit of the hill. And on the reverse I wrote a little about how I was feeling about the olympics.

It was the opening ceremony on the Friday and loved it. I included a page from the newspaper and folded it so the night of wonder headline showed.

Above on the right is 23 – 29 July. Just one page for that week. Not a whole lot going on. I like cutting a 4 x 6 card in half and using it in the 3 x 4 pockets, that’s what I did with the journalling for the week.

Here is 30 July to 5 August.

I inserted part of the newspaper again this week by cutting a 12 x 12 page protector down to fit the size of the paper and then taping the cut edges together. I used the Tim Holtz tissue tape which I have used throughout this album. I also added a little bulldog clip to help secure the paper in the pocket.

Here is the back of the newspaper and the rest of the week.

The Olympics were amazing to me, maybe because they were here in the UK or just because they were in the same time zone and I could easily watch everything. I love how I captured the impact of the Games in this album.

Celebrating Andy Murray’s tennis victory.

Here is 6th August week.

The left page.

Just a note on that spotty 3 x 4 card above. When I was trying to get up to date with the album this week I found a few gaps as I leafed through. That was one of them. My initial thought was to try and pull another photo for that week up and add it in. But then I realised that if there was a gap it was probably because there were no more photos or words to share that week so I simply added a stamped card and a little spotty tape.

And you know what I love it!

The final newspaper page was added in another format. I just cut the top off a 12 x 12 page.

And the last page for that week is a three pocket 6 x 12.

One of the cards I stitched some paper onto way back when features on this page – glad I used it at last!

The very thought of mixing page sizes up would have sent me off to lie down a few months ago but because you are often forced to use a smaller page because of the number of photographs that week I have become more at ease mixing sizes and it also has the bonus of letting you see a peek of what’s to come.

13 to 19 August next and the start of the layout is those three 4 x 6 slots.

The top right pocket has a leaflet from a garden we visited. I wanted to include the leaflet but also had a photo left over that I wanted to go in too. I could have done a flip up page with the photograph on but the leaflet is folded in half so that wouldn’t have worked very well so I took the easy option and just clipped the photo to the leaflet. That was you can still remove the leaflet and open it up to read.

Next is the 20 August. This was the week I headed off to the seaside with family so it sort of runs on.

Here is the left.

To show the ‘break’ in the week I used the left two pockets from a divided page protector.

I had cut it down for some other project and had this piece left over. I used a Crafters Workshop stencil for the orange background and ran it through the printer to add the words then added a couple of strips of tape.

You can just see the back of the narrow photo page below. And then another three pocket  6 x 12 page.

I came back home part way through the week so on the reverse of the narrow page is what happened when I got home. I only blanked Gav out of the post box shot because he was pulling a ridiculously silly face…….

The partial shot of the right hand page above brings me completely up to date.


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