25 Books – number 14

Well it seems like weeks since I posted about completing a book – and it is. About ten weeks in fact. But for five of those weeks I was only picking this one up once a week. Then I decided I had to get on with it and made a greater effort to read every day. I don’t usually have to force myself to read a book maybe that’s because lately I haven’t challenged myself very much but this one changed that, it was a challenge for me anyway.

It was more literary that I’m used to and I found it heavy going which is a shame because I was looking forward to reading it. But when I made it to the end I was glad I’d struggled through and if you are used to more literary books I’d definitely recommend it. The characters are interesting, as is the story. And it made me laugh that I understood all the baseball references.

But now I have to get a move on as I have eleven books to read and the year is fast disappearing.