Month: September 2012

Ivan and the view

“Well, gee. The view from here is just awsome!”

“What? You can’t see?”


Snoopy and Woodstock and me

A couple of dudes we met on our travels at the fantastic Charles M. Schulz Museum.

Ivan and the pool dilema

“They may say it’s heated to 82 degrees all year round, but it still looks a little chilly to me.”

Ivan and the painted ladies

“I don’t know what all the fuss is about…… A few Victorian houses painted different colours? Think I’ll just read the newspaper.”

The Bridge

Hooray, we got to see the whole bridge today. And what a beauty.

The light and the vanishing cable car tracks

Beautiful light and pretty buildings, Alcatraz in the background and the wonderful sight of those cable car tracks.

We are having fun.

Weekly Layout – week thirty five

Welcome to week thirty five.

A story about how our current garden developed and grew this week. Here’s the photo.

You know sometimes when you see a photograph you jest know what colours you want to work with. I wanted to use bright, bright colours with this photo.I went with a yellow background card and a blue pre-scalloped sheet cut down in size.

A similar yellow spotty paper went in the mix too.

And a strip of pink and white gingham. I cut the edge with a border punch.

Here is the photo on the layers of paper.

Since this was a flowery type layout I picked a selection of felt toppers from Basic Grey that I have had for ages and not got round to using. I also pulled a sheet of canvas labels and matched a flower to a label. Also a few die cut shapes.

I then layered the pieces up. Some washi tape first.

And then the flower on its canvas label.

The two embellishments were added along with matching strips of paper along the top edge of the page.

Next the title. I was a little stuck for pink letters but I used this red and blue – rub ons from Anna Griffin – and then added a few dots of red about the page to match that red in the title.

And the journalling.

Sorry about the over-exposed photo! I used a white pen on the blue card for the story.

And that’s it. Another apology as I didn’t get a decent shot of the completed page including the writing.

Not a favourite I must admit. I don’t like that expanse of white on the bottom embellishment group but I tried something a bit different and do like that I have that little story told.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Project life update

Hoorah! I am officially up to date.

Here is 16 July.

I added two 6 x 12 inserts for this week. Gav was off walking so I included a map he printed and a photo of him and B at the summit of the hill. And on the reverse I wrote a little about how I was feeling about the olympics.

It was the opening ceremony on the Friday and loved it. I included a page from the newspaper and folded it so the night of wonder headline showed.

Above on the right is 23 – 29 July. Just one page for that week. Not a whole lot going on. I like cutting a 4 x 6 card in half and using it in the 3 x 4 pockets, that’s what I did with the journalling for the week.

Here is 30 July to 5 August.

I inserted part of the newspaper again this week by cutting a 12 x 12 page protector down to fit the size of the paper and then taping the cut edges together. I used the Tim Holtz tissue tape which I have used throughout this album. I also added a little bulldog clip to help secure the paper in the pocket.

Here is the back of the newspaper and the rest of the week.

The Olympics were amazing to me, maybe because they were here in the UK or just because they were in the same time zone and I could easily watch everything. I love how I captured the impact of the Games in this album.

Celebrating Andy Murray’s tennis victory.

Here is 6th August week.

The left page.

Just a note on that spotty 3 x 4 card above. When I was trying to get up to date with the album this week I found a few gaps as I leafed through. That was one of them. My initial thought was to try and pull another photo for that week up and add it in. But then I realised that if there was a gap it was probably because there were no more photos or words to share that week so I simply added a stamped card and a little spotty tape.

And you know what I love it!

The final newspaper page was added in another format. I just cut the top off a 12 x 12 page.

And the last page for that week is a three pocket 6 x 12.

One of the cards I stitched some paper onto way back when features on this page – glad I used it at last!

The very thought of mixing page sizes up would have sent me off to lie down a few months ago but because you are often forced to use a smaller page because of the number of photographs that week I have become more at ease mixing sizes and it also has the bonus of letting you see a peek of what’s to come.

13 to 19 August next and the start of the layout is those three 4 x 6 slots.

The top right pocket has a leaflet from a garden we visited. I wanted to include the leaflet but also had a photo left over that I wanted to go in too. I could have done a flip up page with the photograph on but the leaflet is folded in half so that wouldn’t have worked very well so I took the easy option and just clipped the photo to the leaflet. That was you can still remove the leaflet and open it up to read.

Next is the 20 August. This was the week I headed off to the seaside with family so it sort of runs on.

Here is the left.

To show the ‘break’ in the week I used the left two pockets from a divided page protector.

I had cut it down for some other project and had this piece left over. I used a Crafters Workshop stencil for the orange background and ran it through the printer to add the words then added a couple of strips of tape.

You can just see the back of the narrow photo page below. And then another three pocket  6 x 12 page.

I came back home part way through the week so on the reverse of the narrow page is what happened when I got home. I only blanked Gav out of the post box shot because he was pulling a ridiculously silly face…….

The partial shot of the right hand page above brings me completely up to date.


If you want to find out what Project Life is all about go here.

More Post Boxes

Popping in to share a couple more post boxes.

Since my original post about my geeky quest I’ve found out that there are only three more boxes bearing initials of Monarchs. But lots of other variations are out there, lots. Of the Monarchs there is ER.

Which is for the Elizabeth on the throne now. And the GR I mentioned before.

I am missing VR, for Victoria and another ER for Edward VIII – which are pretty rare as he was only on the throne for eleven months.

I love this little quest and am happily going to search for more of the different red boxes.

Weekly layout – week thirty four

Welcome to week thirty four.

This week I did something very rare – scrapped photos I took a few days before. I don’t know if I just like to ‘age’ pictures or if I’m not inspired to create a layout immediately but this week I did just that. After I downloaded all the photos from the trip to the seaside I saw these and knew I wanted to tell the story.

Here are the photo’s.

I printed the five smaller ones 3 x 4 and the larger about 5 x 6. I pulled out a few supplies. Orange featured as well as a sheet of Graphic 45 paper that had a blue orange grid on white card. I also loved the little eyelets in the shape of the sun.

On white card I placed the photos and the grid paper to see if the composition worked. You can see I decided to leave out one photo as it just didn’t fit into the overall layout.

Then I tried the same layout but left a margin around the photos.

I’m a bit boring with margins….. have to have them! I also couldn’t decide whether to journal in the space below my photos or place the last photo in line with the bottom right photo and journal in the middle section. The upshot of this indecision is that I left the space until I decided.

I added a strip of the yellow and white paper and a strip of grey card vertically next to the edge of my photos.  Then I wanted another layer and found a sheer ribbon which matched so I attached it using the sun eyelets threading the ribbon through to the back of the layout.

For the title I used some Graphic 45 type key alphas and stamped the first two words onto the card.

At this point I decided what to do about the journalling.

A couple of other little embellishments were added. A die cut circle shape was sprayed with brown Dylusions ink and added to the right of the page. I added a tiny section of the leftover piece to the top left corner of the page too.

A little piece of the grid paper made my banner for the date and a circle of the yellow paper completed the layout.

Grids of photos and less is more. I always go back to the same old same old. But I like it and even more that I got this lovely story told so quickly.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.