Month: August 2012

Weekly layout – week thirty two

Welcome to week thirty two.

This week was one of those rare occasions when I picked out a photo grabbed a couple of sheets of paper, plonked them down added a few scraps of matching paper and it worked!

Here is the photo. Not an earth shattering story to tell but a lovely memory of a few days at the seaside and going out for Italian.

And here is the layout as it was just put down on the background. Nothing was adhered at this stage just placed and this is pretty much the same as it ended up.

I picked the papers based on the amount of black in the photo and my nieces pink top and shoes. The rest of the papers were scraps.

I removed everything from its place and started building up the layers sticking them down this time. 

I wanted to add a touch more pink and also thought a border strip would look good on the top edge of the black card so I punched a strip.

I also tied some black and white bakers twine onto the little tag.

The flower was one I had made a few months ago and never used. It was a blank chipboard shape which I triple embossed with white opaque embossing powder then stamped a swirl stamp inked in pink onto the still melted powder you get the negative impression and the colour of the ink. I used a couple of American Crafts thickers for the title.

Sometimes it’s best when you don’t think too much but just do it.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Embracing the open gate

I am about to set foot on a new path.

I am about to take a turn along the road of life I travel upon on. To go through the open gate.

A new job.

I am nervous but know it is right. This came out of nowhere and it was a shock to have an opportunity without even looking for one. It was a shock that I did the unexpected and embraced the possibility and I’m still surprised at myself for taking positive action and accepting the position.

But with possibility comes worry and doubt. Thoughts that I should just play it safe and stick with what I know pop to the surface constantly. I feel antsy and out of sorts. But that doesn’t matter because I made the decision and I am beginning a new job.

It may not work out. But I tried and I need to give myself a pat on the back for doing so.

And a big hug to my BFF for mentioning this opportunity and for gently nudging me forwards.

Here’s to walking through that gate.

Having a little snooze

When I took photos of the sweet peas the other day I couldn’t resist turning the camera on the little fella and snap a shot of him. And it shows I can use my focus points on the old camera.

But he is the star. So cute.

Weekly layout – week thrity one

Welcome to week thirty one.

A couple of photos of my niece when they visited us at the Northumberland cottage this year. She is playing on the DS but that isn’t the story I want to tell today. I want to talk about hair!

Here are the photos.

When I printed them out a couple of months ago I think I had over edited the colours in Photoshop and they turned out a tad too green. But I am waste not want not so to help balance the green I went for colour opposite on the colour wheel. I picked several papers and tried them out. First some really warm tones.

Then more of a neutral.

And back to a warmer one with some white.

Then I found this die cut piece and liked the shape and the grid pattern. I also decided I liked white cardstock and tried the photos and the layers on that.

Then I changed my mind and went for pale pink background card to match the pale pink in the red white pink paper.

I also added a piece of the grid pattern to the other photo too and matched the shape of the die cut edge. I left enough room for the journalling.

A red vellum matt was also added under the flower card. I tore the edges for added dimension.

A die cut star, heart shaped paper clip and a couple of scraps of paper made the embellishment. I punched heart shapes from a paper piece.

Because of the strong shape in the very center of the page it needed balance top and bottom by adding the cluster of embellishments it created a diagonal – sorry no photo of that stage – but it was too strong a diagonal so I found a felt flower that I had made months ago and not used. The colours matched and it was bold but I think it would be okay.

Here it is on the layout with a few strips of paper added underneath to match the other cluster of papers.

I pulled out a few alphabets for the title.

And added them onto the page along with my journalling.

Finally I added gems into the centers of the punched hearts and some white rub on stitches to the very top and bottom edges.

Overall I like it but the second word of the title is a bit lost. Might change that at some point.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Bloom – arrangement number six

Here’s another little vase of flowers. Ammi, Salvia, Calendula and a few sweet peas.

Just love that blue vase which helps set off the flowers.

Spelt and white flour loaf

Another loaf from the book. Looks like a regular old wholemeal and white loaf and that’s what it is I guess. Spelt is a wheat that has been around for centuries but wained in popularity although has become more popular recently because of its health food properties.

It tasted like a wholemeal loaf. The flour was a bit more expensive than wholemeal but if it’s good for you….

Bloom – arrangement number five

Sweet peas. Ah, sweet peas, you are supposed to be easy to grow and give bunches of wonderfully sweet smelling flowers all summer long. Alas, I don’t seem gifted with the green enough fingers to make you grow.

Actually that’s a bit overdramatic as there have been more blooms this year than I have had for a long time although the plants are looking tired and going brown at their roots. Might not get many more flowers. I blame all that rain!

Night lights, pretty lights

I spent half an hour or so the other evening dotting little jam jars and lanterns about the garden to try and recreate this.

My photo does not quite get it right but I think I like it better. Love the bokeh.

It’s a work in progress a few extra lights are needed I think. Need to eat more jam……