That weight thing

I am in between heaven and hell. Here I go again on my dramatics….

Okay, I have been ‘dieting’ for about five months. As of Sunday last. I have lost a stone. Hoorah. And I am the lightest I have been in twenty years. Woop de woop!

So I am on a big diet high. I have been succesful and achieved a goal I didn’t think I would, I am happy and inspired to keep going.

But. You knew it was coming.

But, I have been here before. I have been at this point where I loose weight and am happy with myself and then it all goes pear shaped (literally) and I put the weight back on.

So, like I say heaven and hell.

However, this time around I have not kept a record of the food I’ve eaten each day, instead I just went with it in the first few weeks and when I lost weight I just kept doing what seemed to be working and although it’s taken a while it has come off.

And I’m thinking that I know what I need to do to not put on weight. I know I don’t have to be tied to a piece of paper, tied to the action of recording what food I eat forever because  what I have been doing for five moths has worked. It has formed a habit of just knowing what I can eat and what I can’t. 

(I wish I could end on a positive note – but it’s me here…)

I am sure it is not that simple. And I have a holiday coming up which is also a reason for the panic. We will see.