Month: August 2012

For the love of a tennis ball

Let the good times roll

Having fun with family at the seaside. I have tried to be ‘there’ with them rather than just taking photo’s of what they are doing but it is hard to do both. Need to practice that more.

And as ever practice the photography. Here are some little gems amongst the blurry and unflattering shots. 

And since I got rid of that14lbs I don’t mind someone else snapping me!

Here’s to good times.

Lights in the garden – take two

I had another go at getting tea light candles glowing into the night. Not happy with this try I feel my first was better.

Although I like this one. I think from a composition point of view the contrast of the sky up at the top of the shot makes it more interesting.

better give it another go soon.

The garden in August

Gav’s hanging basket.

All the Alchemilla has been chopped back. It changes the feel of the patio area.

A big pot of Fuchsias.

Etherial Verbena and the final flourish of the Crocosmia.

Cosmos from Bloom plants finally flowering. 

And concrete evidence that autumn is coming and my dreams that we will still get a summer are fading with the growth of these beauties.

That weight thing

I am in between heaven and hell. Here I go again on my dramatics….

Okay, I have been ‘dieting’ for about five months. As of Sunday last. I have lost a stone. Hoorah. And I am the lightest I have been in twenty years. Woop de woop!

So I am on a big diet high. I have been succesful and achieved a goal I didn’t think I would, I am happy and inspired to keep going.

But. You knew it was coming.

But, I have been here before. I have been at this point where I loose weight and am happy with myself and then it all goes pear shaped (literally) and I put the weight back on.

So, like I say heaven and hell.

However, this time around I have not kept a record of the food I’ve eaten each day, instead I just went with it in the first few weeks and when I lost weight I just kept doing what seemed to be working and although it’s taken a while it has come off.

And I’m thinking that I know what I need to do to not put on weight. I know I don’t have to be tied to a piece of paper, tied to the action of recording what food I eat forever because  what I have been doing for five moths has worked. It has formed a habit of just knowing what I can eat and what I can’t. 

(I wish I could end on a positive note – but it’s me here…)

I am sure it is not that simple. And I have a holiday coming up which is also a reason for the panic. We will see.

Bloom – arrangement eight

The Calendula and sweet peas are hanging in there. Love the bright orange and purple mix.

Weekly layout – week thirty three

Welcome to week thirty three.

A couple of photographs of Gav and my sister when we celebrated their birthdays a couple of years ago for this week s layout.

I was thinking blue and pink you know, boys and girls so found a few papers I liked.

Then a few other supplies.

I set the photos out on the background and played about with the papers.

Somewhere along the way that narrow strip of blue got worked into the mix and I liked the way it made the page look – leaving that gap of pink.

I settled on the one I liked and started to adhere the elements together. The thought of loosing that whole background sheet under the rest of the papers was too much so I cut the middle out.

You know me I hate waste!

Once I was happy with the main pieces I thought about embellishments. I inked the edges of a big star die cut and put a ‘G’ on it.

Then I stamped a few words onto the pink card. The alphas are from a Hero Arts stamp set and I love that they are so teeny.

I did the same with a smaller star but used my sisters initial this time and added a few more stars and a word I had stamped and cut out. The strip of die cut border finished of the group of embellishments.

I added the title a few more star brads in that lovely pale blue and a couple of red bling stars and we were done.

I have just realised I forgot to add the journalling! I was checking the actual date of the party we had for them and then forgot to write the story on the page……

Hey ho.

I seem to be doing a lot of these triangle shapes – it’s a fail safe for design isn’t it? Anyway I like it and once I add the story it will be complete.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Around here

Eryngium – Miss Wilmot’s Ghost.

Coffees and Gav’s new glasses.

Homegrown broad beans.

H and Buddy anticipating a walk.

Bloom – arrangement seven

Still managing to collect enough flowers for a little arrangement every now and then. I mentioned the other week that the sweet peas are getting tired now but taking over from them are the white Antirrhinum’s so that’s good news.

Anyway after all that flower arranging I needed a coffee and piece of cake.

Gold Post Box

Remember my story about the post boxes? Well I have an absolutely unique (almost unique – there are 29 of them) one to add to the collection.

For every Gold Medal won by team GB Royal Mail have painted a post box gold. How cool is that. And they’ve done it in the home town of the Gold Medal winner. Even more cool! We have two here in Leeds and Gav and I went off to look for one of them the other day.

Here it is in the center of Leeds.

And they are going to do the same for any Gold Medal winners in the Paralympics Games too so there may be more to add to this rare and amazing collection.

Apparently they will go back to red eventually but for now I’m off to look for another unique one to add to my post box photo obsession.