8.25am Tuesday 24 July

When I look up all I can see is blue sky and our broken umbrella. It’s hot already – at this time in the morning but there is a cool breeze too. I am sitting outside at the table. Just eaten cranberry porridge for breakfast and almost finished my coffee. I can hear next doors radio and their washer spinning. I can also hear the swifts and a pigeon chortling as well as a couple of other bird noises and the other next doors water heater coming on and off.

There is a small terracotta pot on the table in front of me with a straggly lavender in it. It’s a cutting I took last year there are two flowers on it which really I should trim off and let it puts all its energy into growing foliage but I don’t think I can deny it its beautifully scented blooms. There are tea light holders on the table too not that we’ve lit them yet but it’s coming if this weather keeps up. I am so happy and full of joy that the weather has turned good for the first time since May. It feels right.

The Alchemilla is in full frothy flower taking over the beds on either side of the steps up into the garden. I had to swap my chair before I sat down today as it had got wet in the early morning watering programme that Gav only got working last night. A blue tit just swung by the feeder but flew off again. Next doors bath water seems to be flowing down their drain now. Gushing and gurgling. A car just went by. I can hear bees too but that was spoilt by the dog across the road launching into a bark which Buddy has followed up with a bark and a pathetic whine.

The blue tits are here in force now flitting here and there – I think I’ll watch them and finish my now cold coffee before I head in and start the washing machine.

Inspired by a prompt from Ali Edwards class, 31 things at Big Picture Classes.