The garden – July

Took a few photos the other day around the garden. I was early and the sun, which is apparently making a return to this island of ours, was shinning and casting lovely shadows.

We have had a disaster with the courgette plants this year. I sowed four pots of seeds but only one came up. There were no plants available at our local garden centres so I sowed more seed. The plant below was the one seedling that was sown back in April and it’s still struggling.

That one white foxglove sowed itself there and I am always reluctant to weed things like that out. Glad I left it alone as I love it there, completely out of place but lovely anyway.

And these little beauties.

I often forget about the blueberry bush because it gets neglected and really is in the wrong place. But I spotted the dusky purple glow and went to inspect. SOme of the fruit was right to pick which I did and enjoyed them that day.

It is little surprises like that which make gardening truly worthwhile.