Six month review


It seems that 2012 is running away from me. Half way through the year already and about time to review some of the ideas I had at the start of the year. I looked back at my original post and my two month review post.

And then I thought about what was going on right now and I have to say that I feel like I haven’t done anything. I feel like the same person doing the same things as I was this time last year. I know I’m whining. Sometimes its a good thing to whine, right? No. Okay I’ll stop.

I want to mention a couple of things from my orignal post that fell by the wayside without even making it to the two month review. Going to the cinema with Gav every month and learning a bit about HTML. The cinema thing is just one of those things that didn’t happen for a number of reasons. It was a good idea and maybe we will get there at some time. The HTML thing. Well, hmm…. I hate code. There I said it. I don’t understand it makes my head hurt, it makes me want to throw the laptop out of the window then run outside and stomp on it.

I think the less said about it the better otherwise you’ll think I’m back to whining again. Either that or slightly crazy.

Moving right along then to something more positive. I did get back to a better eating routine about nine weeks ago. I have lost 11lbs to date and LOVE being less fat! Now to keep it off.

Here are the rest of the ideas/projects –

Weekly Layout – except for a blip last week I have done every week this year. And enjoyed doing it for the most part.

30 Soups – forget this one. Never gonna happen. Shame ‘cos as I’ve said before I love soup.

Bloom – well I am documenting it but overall I think I have failed miserably with this idea. The weather and slugs have fought hard against me but I can’t only blame them. I am however, armed with good knowledge for next year and I intend to keep photographing and documenting this season.

Photography – The only way to describe my relationship with that camera is ‘swimming in treacle’. I know I’m not working hard enough but it’s so hard………

Sewing – nothing done here. Apart from the rough and ready not Jubilee banner.

Books – on schedule with this one.

Garden photos – yes, I have more or less kept up with this. I think that because I love seeing our garden shift and change throughout the year that it is easy to get photographs along the way too.

Click Tick List – has sat more or less abandoned. I have only added some images to Pintrest and apart from that haven’t crossed anything off. Yes this is a long term thing and mostly for fun but I would like to do those things on the list so I should try to get some of the easy ones crossed off.

So to sum up it is going okay. Could be better but overall not so bad.