Bloom – biennials for next year

It’s all go go go at this time of year in the garden. Bloom 2012 may not be going so well but if I want Bloom 2013 to be a greater success I need to take action now.

For anyone not in the know a biennial plant is one you sow now, let grow for a few months then plant out into it flowering position in October-ish time where it over winters and flowers its heart out next spring-early summer.

When I see arrangements in books or magazines featuring biennials I think how lovely they look but shy away from that extra effort and planning. I have grown them in the past but usually I forget to sow the seed and miss the boat.

But not this year. I have sown Erysimum (wallflower), Dianthus barbatus, (Sweet William) and Lunaria (Honesty) so far and will sow some Digitalis (foxgloves) when I find a packet of seed I like.

Those pesky slugs have already been trying to thwart my plans, see how nibbled the leaves are?

I have cleared the green house of all the little devils and am carrying on regardless. I pricked out six trays of seedlings yesterday.

Positive thinking, positive action.