Month: July 2012

Weekly layout – week thirty

Welcome to week thirty.

Here’s another layout of a story that had been waiting to be told for a few years now. The problem was that it’s one of those stories that is important to me. So the pressure to get the layout just right mounts and I ended up not getting it told at all. It is a flaw in my scrapbooking that I am fully aware of and sometimes I manage to just get on with a layout and other times I procrastinate. I hate to admit procrastination usually wins.

But at last I thought about the story and how I wanted to tell it and got it down on paper. Here is the photo.

Originally when I thought about this story I was going to use four pictures of the ‘something’s’ but when I looked at the photos I took of the four items I just wasn’t happy with them and that’s when I hit on the idea of finding a photograph of me wearing the four items. Luckily, I had a shot of me flashing my garter! Which also includes the other somethings too.

Once I went for this picture and had it open on the computer I wondered what it would look like with the words around the shot. I tried it out and loved the result so I printed it out.Being a sort of wedding layout I wanted pretty floral papers and picked a couple of those. 

When I saw the photo on that pattern I thought about cutting swirls out of the paper to overlap the photo.

A simple but effective embellishment to the layout.

The I decided to pull the black from my dress and mount the photograph onto black cardstock to help balance the stark black within the photograph with the rest of the layout. 

Because the background is so busy I didn’t add anything else apart from the title which I selected from wonderful American Crafts thickers in silver – again just a splash of contrast to the overall look – and my journalling.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. Simple but I think it fits the subject perfectly and I loved the type treatment on the photograph. (And amazed I managed to get it to run down the page!)

And there we have week thirty.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Let the Games Begin

Just had to say a few words about the Olympics.

Loved the opening ceremony – WOW (photo was from here.)

I like sport, well watching obviously not doing, so I like the Olympics. And I’m glad that we got to host these 2012 Games. Shame about all the ticket difficulties as I would have really loved to be there. But…..

I’m going to enjoy watching and supporting and cheering our competitors on.

Go team GB.

8.25am Tuesday 24 July

When I look up all I can see is blue sky and our broken umbrella. It’s hot already – at this time in the morning but there is a cool breeze too. I am sitting outside at the table. Just eaten cranberry porridge for breakfast and almost finished my coffee. I can hear next doors radio and their washer spinning. I can also hear the swifts and a pigeon chortling as well as a couple of other bird noises and the other next doors water heater coming on and off.

There is a small terracotta pot on the table in front of me with a straggly lavender in it. It’s a cutting I took last year there are two flowers on it which really I should trim off and let it puts all its energy into growing foliage but I don’t think I can deny it its beautifully scented blooms. There are tea light holders on the table too not that we’ve lit them yet but it’s coming if this weather keeps up. I am so happy and full of joy that the weather has turned good for the first time since May. It feels right.

The Alchemilla is in full frothy flower taking over the beds on either side of the steps up into the garden. I had to swap my chair before I sat down today as it had got wet in the early morning watering programme that Gav only got working last night. A blue tit just swung by the feeder but flew off again. Next doors bath water seems to be flowing down their drain now. Gushing and gurgling. A car just went by. I can hear bees too but that was spoilt by the dog across the road launching into a bark which Buddy has followed up with a bark and a pathetic whine.

The blue tits are here in force now flitting here and there – I think I’ll watch them and finish my now cold coffee before I head in and start the washing machine.

Inspired by a prompt from Ali Edwards class, 31 things at Big Picture Classes.

Project Life – getting almost up to date

Here we go with more pages.

18 June. This has a 6 x 12 page on the right which completes that week. I paid tribute to my sisters adorable Dalmatian who left us that week. Bless you, sweet Emily.  

25 June begins on the back of that 6 x 12. 

That week was the final of the Euro 2012 and I had been filling in a wall chart from the newspaper. (I’m quirky right!)

So I wanted to include it here. One of the very best things about Project Life is a place to put all those wonderful pieces of stuff we collect along the way.

And the right side of the week with the back of the wall chart and the rest of the stories.

2 July and 9 July make up the next spread.  

I just one or two too many photos for the pockets so I added a little flap which gave me room for two more pictures.

I read blogs that talk with love and affection for this project. I love it too but find it not an easy task every week and if I don’t keep notes along the way I know I’m missing some great stories and little things from our lives.

So note to self – keep some journal cards by the side of the bed and then I can jot things down before I nod off.

Almost up to date now.

The garden – July

Took a few photos the other day around the garden. I was early and the sun, which is apparently making a return to this island of ours, was shinning and casting lovely shadows.

We have had a disaster with the courgette plants this year. I sowed four pots of seeds but only one came up. There were no plants available at our local garden centres so I sowed more seed. The plant below was the one seedling that was sown back in April and it’s still struggling.

That one white foxglove sowed itself there and I am always reluctant to weed things like that out. Glad I left it alone as I love it there, completely out of place but lovely anyway.

And these little beauties.

I often forget about the blueberry bush because it gets neglected and really is in the wrong place. But I spotted the dusky purple glow and went to inspect. SOme of the fruit was right to pick which I did and enjoyed them that day.

It is little surprises like that which make gardening truly worthwhile.

Weekly layout – week twenty nine

Welcome to week twenty nine.

This week, in keeping with my efforts to get those stories I want to tell told, I have chosen a photograph of my Gav and my niece playing Jenga. The picture doesn’t relate to the story particularly – it was taken on the same day and does involve the two of them but that’s all. The story is about how Gav was teaching my niece a line from the Godfather and how it was funny because she couldn’t remember to mess the line up!

Anyway here’s the picture.

I found a piece of Basic Grey paper and pulled other supplies to match.

I messed about with the long strips and orientation of the larger piece untill I liked the look.

Using my lovely new stamps I made a journal box.

And found some older rub on letters that I thought I’d use for the title. I was going to journal in the white box but then decided to use it for the title.

Tried the block in a couple of places to see which looked better.

Went for the top position. Added the rub ons and adhered the papers and label.

The the embellishments. I used a white piece of card to balance the white of the title block and then cut a strip of the stamped image and a few stars. I cut the three ticket’s from a Do Crafts patterned paper. Liked the film reference.

I wrote the journalling and thought the page didn’t look balanced so I added a teeny group of papers at the top left.

Then I went round the paper with a brown dashed line and added the date and two initial stickers for their names.

Happy with the look and that I told another of those stories on my list. Yay.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embellishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Photo shoot

A few weeks ago I asked my nephews adorable girlfriend if she’d sit for a photo shoot so I could practice. She was happy to so off we went to the park. I took a copy of Twilight with me to help relax us both…… It’s funny that when put in an unknown situation everyone gets nervous.

Anyway the copy of the book made her laugh so that was good.  

This next one is soft focussed but I still like it.


And for whatever reason this one is my favourite. Big thanks for sitting for me N. x

So much to learn so little….patience!

Project Life – update

Welcome to an update of my Project Life album. It’s been a while. I have mostly kept up to date every week but always regret if I don’t make little notes along the way.

Below are 14 May and 21 May.

The 21 May begins on a cut down page protector and has just two 4 x 6 pockets.

The silver heart was made by my niece one day when we were just in my scrap room gathering supplies. She twisted the pipe cleaner into a heart and presented it to me. It had to go in the album. I stitched the pocket closed to keep it in place. Love how you can see through the rest of the clear pocket. Maybe I should do more of that.

The next spread covers two seeks. 28 May,

And the 4 June, which was Jubilee weekend. Hence the bunting and the bun cases, complete with flags.

11 June.

This week includes a 6 x 12 page which has a story all about my Saturday that week. I had hoped that Gav would write something about his Saturday too – we were off doing our own thing. But he hasn’t done it yet…. If he ever does I’ll pop it on the reverse of my page.

I’ll be back soon with the rest of the pages.


It’s good to nap.

Six month review


It seems that 2012 is running away from me. Half way through the year already and about time to review some of the ideas I had at the start of the year. I looked back at my original post and my two month review post.

And then I thought about what was going on right now and I have to say that I feel like I haven’t done anything. I feel like the same person doing the same things as I was this time last year. I know I’m whining. Sometimes its a good thing to whine, right? No. Okay I’ll stop.

I want to mention a couple of things from my orignal post that fell by the wayside without even making it to the two month review. Going to the cinema with Gav every month and learning a bit about HTML. The cinema thing is just one of those things that didn’t happen for a number of reasons. It was a good idea and maybe we will get there at some time. The HTML thing. Well, hmm…. I hate code. There I said it. I don’t understand it makes my head hurt, it makes me want to throw the laptop out of the window then run outside and stomp on it.

I think the less said about it the better otherwise you’ll think I’m back to whining again. Either that or slightly crazy.

Moving right along then to something more positive. I did get back to a better eating routine about nine weeks ago. I have lost 11lbs to date and LOVE being less fat! Now to keep it off.

Here are the rest of the ideas/projects –

Weekly Layout – except for a blip last week I have done every week this year. And enjoyed doing it for the most part.

30 Soups – forget this one. Never gonna happen. Shame ‘cos as I’ve said before I love soup.

Bloom – well I am documenting it but overall I think I have failed miserably with this idea. The weather and slugs have fought hard against me but I can’t only blame them. I am however, armed with good knowledge for next year and I intend to keep photographing and documenting this season.

Photography – The only way to describe my relationship with that camera is ‘swimming in treacle’. I know I’m not working hard enough but it’s so hard………

Sewing – nothing done here. Apart from the rough and ready not Jubilee banner.

Books – on schedule with this one.

Garden photos – yes, I have more or less kept up with this. I think that because I love seeing our garden shift and change throughout the year that it is easy to get photographs along the way too.

Click Tick List – has sat more or less abandoned. I have only added some images to Pintrest and apart from that haven’t crossed anything off. Yes this is a long term thing and mostly for fun but I would like to do those things on the list so I should try to get some of the easy ones crossed off.

So to sum up it is going okay. Could be better but overall not so bad.