A walk in the rain

Or should that be a walk in a torrential downpour? Oh yes, that’s what it was.

Last week we’d had horrid weather but on Thursday there was a little break in the clouds and I suggested to Gav we wander to the park and pick up a coffee on the way. Hmm..

By the time we got to the coffee shop it had started to rain but Gav said we could make it to the park and shelter under the bandstand till it passed.

We got as far as a pub that’s next to the park and sought refuge under their entrance canopy.

Even though we stood there for a good twenty minutes and there was no sign of the storm letting  up Gav still wanted to wander to the little Lake in the park to see how the rain was pouring through a stream that feeds the lake. Then, he said convincingly, we could cut through the wood and be almost home. 

Good idea Gav but not gonna happen.  So we trudged home the long way but don’t worry I moaned about my soggy feet and wet through trousers all the way!

Oh and just to show you how bad the rain and the overflow of the stream was here’s a photo I took four days later.

You can see all the debris piled against the railings on the right.

Next time when I see a break in the stormy weather I think I’ll just sit inside and not make rash suggestions about walking to the park.