What’s on my reading list


With book thirteen finished last week I have just twelve left to read to achieve my goal of the twenty five books read this year.

I have been stock piling books for a couple of years now. Mostly because I thought it was a good idea to buy them then changed my mind and never picked them up to read. I’m picky remember. That pile has been sitting by my bed just growing. Some of the books in the photo are new or new to me and will be read but I thought it would inspire me carry on with the quest and maybe even pick up a poor soul that’s been there a while, by seeing all the possibly reads together.

So from the bottom up.

  • Alice in Wonderland – Gav wants us to read this together. I’m waiting for him to finish his current read.
  • The Art of Fielding – saving this for our USA trip.
  • The Death Instinct – given by a friend – not sure it’s my thing.
  • The Liberation of Alice Love – gift from my niece.
  • The Best of Everything – was on the BBC 2 my life in books programme. Also saving for USA.
  • The Moonstone – bought because it’s supposed to be the first detective novel and a classic but I struggled first time I picked it up.
  • Cutting for Stone – was on TV book club last year. Yep, been here a while.
  • The House at Riverton – charity shop find. When I read the blurb again changed my mind about reading it.
  • Allotted time – Christmas gift from Gav several years ago.
  • The Labours of Hercules – bought in March from wonderful Barter books.
  • Persuasion – bought years ago decided to read a couple of years ago. I’ll get there….
  • Friday Night Lights – borrowed from a friend. Saving for USA too.
  • Clouds of Witness – also bought at Barter books recently.
  • The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding – another Barter find. Adding to that Agatha shelf.

That gives me fourteen to choose from over the next six months. Let’s see how many get left by the wayside for another year and how many so far unheard of make it onto the list.