Photo walk turns into geeky quest

What started out as a reason to step out the door on a rainy Saturday turned into and intriguing quest.  I was inspired by Elise’s photo walks and thought it would be good practice for getting better with the camera so I headed out in the drizzly rain.

I wandered along the main street near where we live but was too self conscious to get the camera out on a busy Saturday. Eventually I turned down a side street near the park and spotted a post box. Good subject I thought and snapped a few shots. Then I noticed that the inscription on the front was not ‘ER’ for Elizabeth but ‘GR’.

UK post boxes are marked with the initials of the Monarch.

So this box must have been cast when a ‘George’ was on the throne. My history of Kings and Queens is not so good! It was interesting though, it meant that this box was at least over 60 years old as Elizabeth is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year. Anyway with that I wandered off and took some more photos of other stuff along the way.

On the walk back from the park I spotted another post box and wondered if this would be ER or GR so I headed over to it.

It was ‘ER’ but hang on, there have only been two Queen Elizabeth’s and this clearly is ER VII so who was this on dedicated to?

I headed home and forgot all about my interesting find until Gav and I were sat watching football later that evening and I mentioned the post boxes to him. After a bit of research on the web we found that the first box – which didn’t have a number on it – is seemingly George V (1910 – 1937)  and the second box was Edward VII (1901 – 1910 so that post box sat a few streets away is over 100 years old!) 

He was so intrigued that when Gav took Buddy out for his last walk of the evening he went to check the post box at the end of our street and found it was another different one. This time George VI. Haven’t grabbed a photo of that yet.

I know it’s a bit geeky or weird or both but I am off to look at our local boxes just to see how many different ones we have around Leeds.

Amazing what starts as a little walk turns into a history lesson……