Month: April 2012

Around here


Around here I’m still taking photos of Buddy always a willing subject as long as he has a ball to destroy.

Around here I’m thinking about Week in the Life and if I should jump aboard or not. Here are a couple of pages from 2010

Around here I can’t decide which topping to have for toast so I have all three. Honey – from next doors bees, jam and PB.

Around here the sun was shinning on Monday and Tuesday and I went out to dig. 

Around here we are in full baseball swing.

That’s Gav and my niece. They just happened to be both wearing their Mets shirts yesterday!

Weekly layout – week fifteen

Welcome to week fifteen. This week I’m combining a Challenge from Shimelle’s weekend challenges with my weekly layout.

I picked challenge 14 – four sections.

This is the photograph I used.

It’s of Gav in NYC a few years ago taking a photo of Trump Tower and I filed it away using Stacy Julian’s system under the ‘things’ tab – technology. It was one of those photos that without a category to file it under might get lost but with the idea of technology in my head it was a simple process to get to the story behind the photo.

I was thinking about Gav’s love of tech stuff, maths, computers etc and liked the Basic Grey paper with script and triangles drawn on it. I also loved the blue paper with that fancy edge but never knew how to use it.

I pulled a few embellishments out too.

I cut the script paper for the background and this week I am using 11 x 8.5 size.

So now I had one of the corners I had to think of what I was going to use for the other three.

A title was going in one and journalling in the other. And I left the last one hoping inspiration would strike.

I took the fancy edge paper and placed it on the background trying to work out how to use it. But nothing worked so I decided to cut off the brown edge.

And attach the chequer board paper instead.

A similar palette but a bit more vibrant. Then I picked that other Basic Grey paper the kraft with white graph paper design and cut it to a similar shape to the fancy edge piece. And still I had one corner left. So I decided to switch the corner my title was going to be in and punched a couple of squares from the leftover green paper then cut them in half to make corners. Then I moved the four elements around on the layout working out which I liked best.

Before adding any more elements I roughed up the edges of the papers and inked them too with Distress Ink.

For the last corner I pulled a Girls Paperie stamp out and stamped onto green cardstock cutting it out.

I used the same green card to stamp three stars and then an edge punch to finish a little strip off.

I added the title.

Then the final little bits.

The metal alphas on the stamped journal block, the contrast paper behind that block – I though it needed some yellow to balance the taxi cabs in the photo and then the little card with the three stamped stars.

I found it a definite challenge making a layout with four distinct corners but I like the results and it’s a useful design to have in your repertoire.

Thanks Shimelle for all your hard work on these challenges and a helping hand to the weekly layout.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embelishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Project Life – update


It may have taken a while but here are weeks 3 to 7.

Little seedlings on the kitchen window ledge, coffee with my niece and a photo-op in the garden. Then the start of our week away.

Trips to Barter Books and sunrises and beaches. I used a 6 x 12 three pocket page in the middle of this week as there was lots to tell.

Here is the other side of it.

The next week is just the left of this spread. Not much going on so I kept it to one side of the album and started the following week on another 6 x 12 spread.

I carried the week onto the back of the 6 x 12 and then the right side of the album.

I got my trip to see the Hunger Games in there and the Bridgewater Pottery day. Along with a little note about loving the first cup of coffee and our baseball fantasy team.

And the final completed spread. I love the photo of book eight Mockingjay because I had to chop it in half. I’d printed it as a 4 x 5 but the only slot left for the photo was two 3 x 4’s so I just chopped it in half and think it looks great. I also love the photo I took a few months ago of Animal from the Muppets. I found it on my phone and thought it would look great as my niece and I went to see the film again.

I also included a funny bit of ephemera – bottom right. You can’t see it very well from this photo but after lunch on Easter Sunday we played a game where you have a post it note stuck on your forehead with the name of a person\ character etc on and you have to guess who you are. This caused much fun and I collected everyone’s post its so I could document the laughs we had. I love that I have a place for things like that. I would never have scrapped that story but it fits so well in this album.

I’m almost up to date.

What I have learned so far is that this is a big project and I’m keeping embellishing to a minimum. I also know I have to jot things down as the week goes by and that I need to keep up to date at the end of each week – easier said than done.

But I shall keep it up. I really like looking at the completed pages it gives a sense of accomplishment.

Two Patterns – challenge 11

The challenge this time was to use two patterns as the background for the layout. One pattern taking up a third of the 12 x 12 and the other pattern taking up the rest. I love this one third two thirds design concept and use it a lot although I would not normally be as bold with my backgrounds. And as the patterns are quite busy I have kept embellishment to a minimum.

I thought the pooch could pull of pink and green, no?

Put it in a pocket – Weekend Challenge 7


I like a challenge and they are going to come think and fast today but I may only get chance to do this one so I got started early. 

I used a new sheet of paper I only bought yesterday from Lily Bee Designs. Chevrons are everywhere.

I matched that paper with a sheet of Basic Grey Kioshi I’ve had for ever and a strip of Bazzil swiss dot placed off to the centre. My pocket is made from that chevron card and I stamped a Jenni Bowlin journal block onto white card for the hidden journalling which you can just see peeking out of the right sie of the chevron paper. I used a Martha Stewart butterfly and the ‘bubble’ edge punch. Oh and that transparent clock is something else I’ve had for ages. I think it was Heidi Swapp.

Many thanks to Shimelle for these interesting challenges that push me to create a new page and out of my usual three days to make a page madness.

Hopping on the Shimelle weekend of fun

Welcome to my version of a challenge number 5 that Shimelle has going on over the weekend on her great blog.

When I saw that big photo as part of the inspiration layout I knew I had to scrap this photo. Lends well to an enlargement and the black and white.

Love pink and white and that random placing of the hearts was totally out of my comfort zone but I like it.

Next challenge please!

25 books – number nine


I feel like I can’t count all these books I’m ploughing through because there are ‘teen’ fiction and I’m devouring them at a rate of knots.

But I am counting them and I shouldn’t care that they are teen fiction. The only difference I can see between regular fiction and teen is that there isn’t any raunch! I mean the Hunger Games was pretty violent. So it isn’t the lack of violence that categorises them. And the stories are just a woven with complex feeling. In fact in some ways all that teenage angst must be hard to write.

Okay, I’ll stop justifying myself now.

I picked up Shiver on Karen’s recommendation. I have waxed lyrical about her blog before – honest, real and talented lady.

I was feeling down in the dumps after finishing the Hunger Games last weekend and was not going to pick up another book for a few days but I couldn’t resist and read ‘Shiver’ in three days. I liked it, but then I’m a sucker for romance. I will read the other two but I am going to have a break in between.

Thanks for great recommendation Karenika!

Thoughts on my photography


I have a plethora of thoughts buzzing around in my head about photography and it’s place in my life and my scrapbooking life now the online course is finished. 

Why did I do the course? What did I want out of it? Have I achieved my goal?

I signed up because Karen happened to open up more auditing seats. I didn’t think about it I just signed up. I had wanted to take the class for a couple of years.

I wanted to become a whizzy photographer, take amazing photos and become a professional. I am being honest, okay.    

So no, I have not become a whizzy photographer and taking photos is not and probably will not be my profession but I was aiming a little high with that dream for a ten week class….

I was considering why I haven’t got very far in that dream and I have come across three problems:

1. I didn’t work hard enough. There I said it.

2. My family is a tad reluctant to have their photos taken.

3. I’ve  discovered that the more you learn the more there is to learn. Or maybe that should be – you never stop learning. So totally not my comfort zone, as it requires continuous effort.

Maybe I should accept what has passed and think about what I have learned during these weeks and move forward with that.

  • I have a better grasp on where to shift the shutter speed to get better exposure.
  • I am willing to move MY position in relation to the subject rather than standing still and expecting a better shot to come to me.
  • I am more able to shift my focus point while shooting. I didn’t even know you could before the class.
  • I am very conscious of chopping people’s hands or feet off. I still do it but know immediately that I have.
  • I’m looking through the lens differently.
  • I am learning that your subject does not have to give you the perfect smile or even be looking at the camera to capture both the story and their personality.

Moving forwards in a positive way I want to relax my attitude when shooting and ask for volunteers every week so I can keep improving.

It is a huge for me to accept I need to keep learning to get there but I know it will be worth it.

Weekly layout – week fourteen


Hello and welcome to week fourteen.

These two photographs have sat on my table for weeks and weeks. I was going to scrap them for week two of my weekly layout series but I didn’t have any inspiration. I wrote a draft blog post about how to make photographs that don’t have that much of a story to tell work on a page. But I never finished that either! However there they have sat and I wanted to get this story told so I tried again this week and had success.

I did turn to a book for inspiration though. One of the books Simple Scrapbooks published way back when, Cathy Zielske’s Clean and Simple. I used one of the layouts in the book as a starting point.  

Here are the pic’s. They are from a trip Gav and I took to Athens.

When I picked out these photos to scrap all those weeks ago I wanted the layout to look ‘old’ in style fitting to the content of the pictures which is the Acropolis. But I just couldn’t make it work and that’s partly why they stayed on my table for so long so this time using the layout from the book I just got on with it.

A selection of muted or black and cream papers. And an Anna Griffin rub on alphabet I’ve had for years.

Going for blocky graphic design.

With the idea of time passing, both time since we went there and time since it was a used building, I pulled some embellishments out and some clock stamps.

I placed a few of the embellishments on the cardstock to plan where I was going to stamp this circle – it says treasure the moment – and then stamped it directly onto the card. I liked the contrast of an image flat to the card compared to all those metal bits and bobs.

The rub on alphabet was added to a scrap of Basic Grey paper. I added the embellishments and then tried to title in a few places to see what worked best. Oh and I stamped another image directly onto the card too.

I liked the second one but the page was still lacking something. I’m a fan of edges, something that melds two distinct pieces together so I cut two really narrow strips of black card and added them to the edges where photos and papers met background card.

Much better. Then all that was left was the journalling and we were done.

Another simple layout.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embelishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

25 Books – number eight


Yes, I know.

There really isn’t any need for explanation. I bought it, I read it. The strange thing is that I am bereft now I’ve finished it. That’s a strong word to use for my feelings about a book but its true. Maybe I am sad that I have lost those characters because the feeling isn’t really to do with the ending.

And even though I have all these strong feelings about having finished this series of books I’m still not sure I loved them. Suzanne Collins is a great story teller, no doubt about that and she writes interesting characters who are not totally lovable but you’re still on their side fighting along with them. It was truly thought provoking and I’m glad I read them.

Just sad it’s over.

Might have to go see the film again…..