Creativity and preparing journal cards for Project Life

Sometimes the urge to just make things for making sake grabs me and yesterday was one of those days. But although making for makings sale is good I thought about all those lovely pages I see on blogs about project life and how I can’t be bothered to add details like stitched borders to my weekly spreads so I leave them fairly plain.  

What better then to take my creative-ness yesterday and get a few little bits prepared ahead of time, ready to be used in PL.

I took some of the base cards I’d already cut down, brought my sewing machine downstairs so I could watch Snooker and Baseball (I know wierd combination)  then went to this great blog and shamelessly copied some of her page embellishments onto my tags and cards.

And I loved doing it. I have always liked any stitched elements on paper craft projects but never do it myself so now I have a stack already prepared. I like that idea more than I can say. So unlike me to be ready prepared!

Need to tidy up the ends of the threads…. but here is a closer look at a few of the cards.

Do you prepare ahead?