Look where I’ve been


I have mentioned before that I’m an Emma Bridgewater fan. Well they have a decorating studio where you can go and paint your own designs on their pottery.

My sister arranged for us to go there on a day out for my birthday. I love my sister!

My design may be a little bold, and bright and um… Well it’s done now and probably getting fired in the kiln so I can’t change my mind and I’m sure I’ll love it even it I need sunglasses to have my morning coffee.  

Ever since she told me we were going I had a design in mind for wide vertical stripes. There has been a narrow stripe in the range in the past but I wanted a wide one so that’s what I did but I couldn’t resist squeezing a few hearts on there too.

We had a great, fun day and I would love to do it again and paint at least three next time. I’ll share the finished mug when it arrives.