Month: April 2012

Week in the Life – Sunday photos

Hello and welcome to the final day of photographs in this week in the life.

Same old same old at breakfast time. Coffee, porridge  and the laptop.

Went off into town in the morning then called on my Mum.

Back home for lunch and lazing about. It’s still raining out there!

Computer time is all the time in this house!

Started a new book. This will be number eleven.

And that was it. A week in our lives.

Looking forward to pondering the format the album will take. More on that later. But I am glad it has come to an end. And I know Gav is!

But I am so glad I did it. Thanks Ali. And everyone who’s popped in this week.

Back tomorrow for the usual weekly layout post – it will be seventeen weeks! How the year is flying.

Week in the Life – Saturday photos

Here we are with day six. Saturday.

Don’t know if Buddy is warning me off or simply saying how much he loves breakfast!

Preparing breakfast for three.

We are so lucky that Buddy just loves her so.

A last football game for Gav.

Spring Green Tulips.

Our favourite with the new season asparagus.

He likes to be wrapped up…..

And that my memory keeping friends was Saturday.

Week in the Life – Friday photos

Hello friday photos.  Loved Ali’s post yesterday about stuff it is such a wonderful idea hope I have captured that kind of image and memory builder in my weeks photos.

Gav took this one while I was working.

I must admit though I’m flagging.  I was rallied from my slump after work yesterday because my niece came round to sleepover and there is always a good photo-op when she’s about.

Only two days left.

Week in the Life – thurs photos

Here is thursday. It included apple blossom almost opening, food, trip to the cinema, queuing traffic and more rain.

And there was thursday.

Week in the Life – wednesday photos

First things first – get bread going.

Next – walk Bud.

Feed the birds and then catch Buddy as he waits for my return.

Another day another cup pattern! And a healthy breakfast.

Good morning greeting for Gav. 

Lunch at work.

Attack of the socks.

Cooking and watching for fall out scraps.


Finishing a book and a snack.


And that was day three in this week in our lives.

Week in the Life – Tuesday photos

Hi and welcome to my Tuesday photos for week in the life.

For some odd reason I picked up the point and shoot camera on Monday and Tuesday only taking one photo with my big camera. I think I thought it would be so much easier than the Canon 550 but I forgot how the shots just don’t compare in quality and adjustability – even if I’m still learning with the big camera the pictures are just nicer. But it’s done now and I’m okay with it – just needed to get that thought off my chest.

Okay enough rambling more photos…

And that was Tuesday. How’s your week in the life going?

Weekly Layout – week sixteen

Welcome to week sixteen of a layout a week. This week I selected three photos from the Washington leg of our 2010 trip to the US.

They are from the Korean War Memorial. I knew right away that I wanted to create a simple layout because of the subject matter. I had stars and stripes and the USA flag and red and blue rolling about in my head.

I went for a black background – Bazzill Swiss dot again and found the star paper, which actually was the ‘b’ side of a Halloween print. The stars were perfect to represent the USA flag idea.

I cut narrow strips of the star paper and tried them out.

I tried a strip of red with the stars and liked it.

I never would have thought I’d have a use for the Tim Holtz barbed wire stencil but I was really glad I remembered I had it as I used it here as a background on the black card.

I dabbed white Stazon over the stencil in a patchy random fashion directly onto the swiss dot.

Put the star and red papers back after the stencilling but not sure I liked it.

I prefered just the stars at the bottom with the photos melding into that barbed wire backdrop.

Did a little internet research to check my facts for the Memorial and found that ‘Freedon is not Free’ is inscribed on the memorial (no photos of that) and thought it would be perfect for the title. I had a 6 x 4 inch gap left in the design for my title and journalling and chose to type both out onto white cardstock.

Used Hootie for the title I thought it looked good in this design. It was a bit stark though so I got out that stencil again and used black ink this time, again in a random pattern over some of the journal block.

I needed at least one item of embellishment so I found another Tim Holtz product – fragment ornaments – and used the test sheet of journalling to make a background to the fragment. I adhered the paper to the fragment with glossy accents.

That touch of blue was missing from the layout so I used the fragment to include a couple of words and a brad.

With the addition of the three star rub ons and the blue photo corner that was week sixteen finished.

I know I always say this but I really like how this week turned out. Sometimes scrapping photos like these is tricky but I hope I got it right.


Weekly Layout is a series of blog posts that I am doing every week in 2012. I am walking through the process of putting the page together with a bit of background to why I picked the design and embelishments for the page. I hope to develop my style and push myself by taking on this challenge. You can see previous weeks here.

Week in the life – Monday photos

A routine – breakfast and a little surfing.

How cute is he? 

Unexpected work afternoon – trousers in wash hence the rare sighting of my legs!

Taken at about 7.30pm still raining out there.

Gav acting the fool but on his ever present laptop.

And so to bed. Yes, I have a Teddy on my bed and yes, that’s a hot water bottle it was so chilly last night. Also love that I can see Twilight, still on my bedside table after all this time.

And that was Monday. Not the day I imagined but glad I got some photos in the bag.

A week in the life – the beginning


Here we are at the very beginning of things. I fought with myself about whether to do this project or not given that I’m documenting every week anyway with project life. But while I was considering my options the words above floated into my mind and I thought okay lets just write them down and see where the week goes.

Not having this kind of project planned out is unusual for me but I feel I need to simply go with it.  

A week in the life is the concept of Ali Edwards. Check out all her great posts.

Creativity and preparing journal cards for Project Life

Sometimes the urge to just make things for making sake grabs me and yesterday was one of those days. But although making for makings sale is good I thought about all those lovely pages I see on blogs about project life and how I can’t be bothered to add details like stitched borders to my weekly spreads so I leave them fairly plain.  

What better then to take my creative-ness yesterday and get a few little bits prepared ahead of time, ready to be used in PL.

I took some of the base cards I’d already cut down, brought my sewing machine downstairs so I could watch Snooker and Baseball (I know wierd combination)  then went to this great blog and shamelessly copied some of her page embellishments onto my tags and cards.

And I loved doing it. I have always liked any stitched elements on paper craft projects but never do it myself so now I have a stack already prepared. I like that idea more than I can say. So unlike me to be ready prepared!

Need to tidy up the ends of the threads…. but here is a closer look at a few of the cards.

Do you prepare ahead?