Those changes… What’s the progress?


I think two months is a good amount of time pasted to have a review of how things are going for 2012 in particular relating to this and this post.

My problem is that I do far too much thinking, pondering and list writing and not enough action. In fact the time I have spent considering and writing this post I probably could have made three soups and a cushion cover!

Truth be told I haven’t developed any real changes to my daily life so far this year. I still believe that planning time to do something, having a schedule of some kind would work for me but I haven’t implemented it yet.  

Anyway here is a review of progress so far – as honest as I can bare!

Walk through the process of scrapbooking a story – weekly project. YES.

Make 30 soups this year and share the recipes. YES – only two so far but I totally think this is doable. I love soup!

Share a sewing project – monthly project. NO.

Read and share 25 books this year. Three down.

Garden photo’s – monthly project. Well I did Feb.

Improve my photography and record progress. YES. Working through this class.

Documenting project flowers – throughout the spring and summer every couple of weeks. Will do when spring gets here!

Keep up to date with any progress on the click tick list – as often as I actually cross something off. YES. I have researched and updated this page with the information about some things on the list. Need to pick a couple to get done!

There may be more NO’s than YES’s but I’m not disheartened. It’s quite a list and I admit that most of it was all start of the year enthusiasm. But I shall keep it as it is for now and see how we get on.

The bottom line is that I seem to like a challenge and one that’s recorded somewhere, written down. It’s not a fail safe for success. Just because I’ve taken time to write a list does not mean I’ll cross everything off it.  But I seem to be a visual, list type of person so seeing it written down is good.  

I am going to work on implementing some kind of schedule too. Okay let’s do it.